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RB <!--Default NodeId For Adrian Peterson is 722152,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722152]>Adrian Peterson</A> has been slated to start in Sunday's game against the <!--Default NodeId For Seattle Seahawks is 107,2003--><A HREF=>Seattle Seahawks</A>. Peterson will replace <!--Default NodeId For Anthony Thomas is 741795,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:741795]>Anthony Thomas</A> who sustained a foot injury last weekend while diving for a ball against New Orleans.

"Anthony's foot seemed OK during the game, but it became swollen on Monday morning," said Head Coach Dick Jauron. "People heal at different rates and in my mind it's a long shot for Anthony to play this week."

Peterson, who saw significant playing time during the preseason and in the first games against San Francisco and Minnesota, saw his role decrease significantly as Bears offensive coordinators chose to emphasize a running game featuring Anthony Thomas. So far, Thomas has gained 397 yards on 72 carries with a 5.5 yard per carry average. Peterson has a total of 6 carries for 15 yards, an average of 2.7 yards per carry.

"Sure, I was glad to see Train out there doing well, but as any player in the NFL will tell you, it's all about wanting to be out there getting things done," Peterson said. "It's been hard to stand on the sidelines just waiting for a chance to show what I can do."

Peterson impressed coaches as a rookie last year with his speed and ability to read plays. He was put in games this year in rotation with backs Thomas and Rabih Abdullah.

Peterson, a sixth-round draft choice in 2002, was a four-time consensus All-American at Georgia Southern. As a rookie, Peterson led all Bear running backs with a 5.3 yard per carry average.

"The more that I am in, the more I am able to learn," Peterson said. "That's the way to improve in this league. I had a lot of good experience in college and I've always felt that I was picking up the system at the professional level pretty well. I feel that I am playing on an instinctual level, which is what you want to be doing. Rookies tend to think a lot during plays. As you become more experienced, you think less and react more."

Peterson's blocking ability had been questioned periodically last season and during this year's preseason.

"I feel confident in my blocking," Peterson said. "After all, that's something I had plenty of experience with in college as well. I know our schemes. I understand how to read the defense. My speed is a definite advantage. I think that I can be a positive force on this team. I'm happy to get a chance to start."

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