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Quarterback <!--Default NodeId For Chris Chandler is 722135,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722135]>Chris Chandler</A> may be 38, but it didn't keep him from feeling jitters at the beginning of Sunday's 19-of-34, 149-yard passing effort.

It was Chandler's first start in place of injured Kordell Stewart, who curiously wore a flak jacket Sunday while serving as third quarterback -- even though the Bears said his injury was a swollen leg.

"I felt in hyper-drive early, " Chandler said. "I just seemed real fast. I was excited and almost, again, like when a rookie goes out there.

"As we went along, I just felt a lot more comfortable and played a lot better as the game went along."

Chandler took three sacks for 25 yards in losses and absorbed the big hit diving into four players at the goal line to tie the score at 17-17 on a two-point scramble. Chandler rolled right, then came back left.

It looked a little like the touchdown play by actor Burt Reynolds at the end of the movie "The Longest Yard."

"They (Seattle) kind of expanded and played a soft zone (coverage), and then it was kind of like sandlot, chicken-with-the-head-cut-off, just kind of running, looking for anything that was open," Chandler said. "On the two-point conversion I got my neck bent back a little bit, so that's a little stiff. But really, I feel great."

Coach Dick Jauron refused to say whether Chandler would start again next week.

Paul Edinger's three field goals ran his streak to 13 straight this year, tying his personal best consecutive field goal streak.

"We have to convert more of our opportunities into scores," Jauron said. "That being said, Paul had another outstanding day. He has had a tremendous year kicking for us. We hope that he continues in that way."

Until Shaun Alexander's 25-yard, game-winning TD run, it looked like the Bears were headed for their best effort of the year at stopping the run.

They have up 124 yards, a yard from the season-best 123 they gave up to Oakland.

"We said all along the guy was a good back," defensive coordinator Greg Blache said of Alexander. "And that he was like water: If there was a hole in the bucket, he'd find it."

He did.

Besides injured Marty Booker and Anthony Thomas, the Bears' inactive included injured Warrick Holdman (ankle), guard Corbin Lacina (concussion) and Keith Traylor (knee), as well as tackle Scott Sanderson and defensive tackle Tron LaFavor.

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