On hold

Granted the Bears dropped a 24-17 decision in <!--Default NodeId For Chris Chandler is 722135,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722135]>Chris Chandler</A>'s first start of the year, but the offense looked to go down field and didn't have to rely on gadget plays from the quarterback acting as a running back to move the ball.

The Bears were also without two of their top weapons in WR Marty Booker and RB Anthony Thomas, who both missed the game because of injury.

"That's something you can wonder about when the game's over," said Chandler, who may or may not have earned a second start this Sunday against the Lions. "When you're on the field, that's the last thing on your mind."

Despite the change behind center the Bears did fall into the same problem they had with Stewart at the helm.

The offense settled for field goals instead of touchdowns. Despite two 14-play drives to go along with a 13-play effort the Bears only came away with one touchdown and two field goals.

"We had chances to score again in the red zone; we ended up kicking some field goals instead of scoring some touchdowns," offensive coordinator John Shoop complained. "Regardless of who's in there, who the wide receivers are, (pass) protections, anything, we've got to find ways to score touchdowns."

Following a performance in which Chandler completed 19-34 for 149 yards with two interceptions he didn't do enough to clearly distinguish himself as the starter.

Jauron refused to comment on the quarterback situation until Wednesday.

Walking wounded
Anthony Thomas (sprained foot), Marty Booker (sprained ankle) and the sizeable cast of infirm could all be back this week as the Bears seek to avoid the embarrassment of allowing the Lions their first road victory in 20 games.

"Right now we have nobody that's ruled out for this coming Sunday," coach Dick Jauron said. "We'll know more on Wednesday."

The list of wounded also includes weak-side linebacker Warrick Holdman (sprained knee and ankle), quarterback Kordell Stewart (bruised leg), guard Corbin Lacina (concussion) and defensive tackle Keith Traylor (arthroscopic knee surgery), none of whom played vs. the Seahawks. In addition, running back Adrian Peterson (sprained ankle), tight end Desmond Clark (sprained toe), wide receiver Ahmad Merritt (strained neck), guard Chris Villarrial (sprained knee) and safety Mike Green (groin) were all injured in Seattle.

CB-PR R.W. McQuarters gave the Seahawks one TD when he was called for a 29-yard pass interference in the end zone, which put the ball at the one-yard line. He also allowed Bobby Engram to catch a 25-yard TD pass, and he muffed a punt that resulted in 15 yards of lost field position, after which the Seahawks had a short drive to a field goal.

It doesn't like McQuarters will suffer the same fate as rookie Bobby Wade, who lost his return job after muffing a punt in the season opener.

"As we've said a number of times, we'll look at every position," Jauron said. "But there's a difference there in terms of experience. We know what R.W. has. We know what he can do in terms of punt returning.

"All we had going on Bobby was his college performance. When he puts one on the ground early and it helps in the negative slide of a game, it does affect you more. A veteran that's performed will have a little more leeway. But we'll look at it, we'll definitely look at it all."

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