Friday Update

The Bears running game has been a strength, but injuries to Anthony Thomas and Adrian Peterson someone else is going to have to step up.

RBs Rabih Abdullah and rookie Brock Forsey split carries with the first team at Wednesday's practice because of injuries to Anthony Thomas and Adrian Peterson. Abdullah had seven carries for 10 yards this season and Forsey has one attempt for five yards.

Anthony Thomas, Kordell Stewart and Adrian Peterson have combined for 678 of the Bears' 743 rushing yards this season, and all three are on the injury list this week. Only Stewart has been able to practice.

BY THE NUMBERS: Since entering the league as a sixth-round draft pick in 1999, Paul Edinger has produced a greater percentage of his team's points than any kicker in the NFL.

Since then, Edinger has accounted for 36.1 percent of the Bears' total points. Edinger has 336 career points, including 45 this season on 13 of 13 field goals and 6 of 6 extra points.

Edinger is one of just six kickers in the NFL with perfect accuracy this season, and only two of them have more field goals, Carolina's John Kasay (14) and Indianapolis' Mike Vanderjagt (15).

Although Jerry Azumah will be promoted and flip-flop with R.W. McQuarters in the starting lineup, with McQuarters taking over the nickel job, Azumah will cover the slot receiver when both are on the field, with McQuarters lining up on the corner.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "I'm not going to start putting gag orders on guys and (say), 'Let's be subservient,' and just bow our heads, and if you feel like you got kicked, bow your head and shuffle off. That's not the way I want them to be. I'd like them to stand tall. If you feel strong about something, you have passion about something, you have an opinion about something, say it. If you're willing to take the consequences be a man.

"The problem with our society (is) so many people are afraid to be a man. Everybody just wants to run and cower down. Let somebody else stand up and take the fight. If you feel (strongly) about something, say it. And I have no problem with my guy (taking a stand). I wish there were (more guys like that)." -- Defensive coordinator Greg Blache on players like MLB Brian Urlacher and CB Charles Tillman criticizing the officiating.

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