Flash not Forsey's style

Rookie running back <!--Default NodeId For Brock Forsey is 738202,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:738202]>Brock Forsey</A> knows that the ball he used to score his first NFL touchdown is somewhere at Soldier Field. He just hasn't been able to find it yet.

"I was so excited after that scoring play that I ended up spiking the ball instead of holding on to it like Justin Gage did when he got his first TD," Forsey said. "An equipment guy who was standing near the end zone picked up my ball and walked off with it. I'm hoping that he'll get it to me sooner or later."

Even if Forsey never retrieves his souvenir, chances are good that he'll have many more opportunities to practice his celebration technique.

With both Adrian Peterson and Anthony Thomas inactive due to injury, the pressure was on the young player from Boise State to produce big time. That's exactly what he did with a game total of 19 attempts for 56 yards, an average of 2.9 yards per carry. Forsey also caught one pass for 10 yards.

"Many of our veterans are out with injuries right now," said head Coach Dick Jauron after the game. "Today we had 12 rookies playing at various times. We knew that our young guys were hard workers with a strong desire to succeed, but being in a game can be a completely different experience for some of them. Nerves tend to be a factor. They had to step up and get the job done and that's exactly what they did."

Two of the Bears three touchdowns against the Lions came from first year players. WR Gage caught a 21-yard pass from Chris Chandler near the end of the second quarter. Forsey's 8-yard run for a score happened with 3:37 left in the third.

The veterans putting points on the board were Jerry Azumah with a spectacular 89-yard kickoff return at the beginning of the second half, and Paul Edinger's 3 PATs plus a 37-yard field goal at the close of the first half.

"The team felt that we had to win today," Forsey said. "The record hasn't been great so far and we definitely wanted to start turning things around. Most of the rookies come from very successful college programs and aren't used to handling defeat. This kind of momentum is a very positive thing. We have a pretty good schedule coming up. It would be good to string some wins together now."

16-year NFL veteran, quarterback Chris Chandler seemed to provide the ideal leadership for his relatively inexperienced charges.

‘I can't say enough about Chris," Forsey said. "He is a calming influence when we get overexcited. For the young players in particular, he's a good person to have around. He knows the game so well. He understands how to use our strengths and minimize our weaknesses."

Clearly, Forsey's perceived strengths figured heavily in today's overall game plan. Forsey's considerable playing time is reflected in the post game stats, where he is listed as an active participant in the majority of offensive plays.

"It was more game time than I'd expected to have, but I was grateful to get this opportunity," Forsey said. "Nothing is better for a new player than actual experience. I'd be in there every play if the coaches asked me. That's how you learn things in the NFL."

Forsey feels that his game day success has given him something to build on as the season progresses.

"My first NFL start and my first NFL touchdown. You can't have things go any better than that," he says. "I feel that my confidence level has gone way up. I have more of an idea what I am up against and what I can do. The speed of the game is beginning to feel quite comfortable. The best part for me was that most of my friends and family back in Idaho were watching this on TV. My father and brother were able to be here in the stands."

Forsey sees a definite advantage in having so many rookies playing integral roles alongside Bears veterans.

"When so many of the first year players are out there, there is a sense of togetherness," Forsey said. " It's been an unusual situation, so many of us being called on to come in and to make the big plays. We are all in the same situation so we are quite supportive of one another. It helps us to get the job done. My hope is that as we learn to raise our skill level, we will continue to see more playing time. I think this can only help the eventual success of this team."

But first, there's an empty spot in the Forsey trophy case just waiting to be filled by today's TD ball.

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