Some good, some bad

The Bears offense has been on the incline since the insertion of <!--Default NodeId For Chris Chandler is 722135,2003--><A HREF=[PlayerNode:722135]>Chris Chandler</A>. However the quarterback has been without the team's two top offensive weapons. It looks like Chandler will get an upgrade in the running game, while the passing attack will still be a receiver short.

"I did some individual stuff. Just trying to test it out as far as cutting and stuff like that," Booker said as he tries to return after from an ankle. "It feels pretty good, of course there's going to be pain. It's just a matter of fighting through the pain and do a little bit more tomorrow and go from there."

It doesn't look like Booker will play this week, which means both Bobby Wade and Justin Gage will be active against San Diego. The pair of rookies has combined for 134 yards on 8 receptions over the past two games. Those numbers could improve as the Chargers have an inexperienced secondary with rookie Sammy Davis and second-year pro Quentin Jammer.

In the meanwhile, it looks like Anthony Thomas will return to the lineup since injuring his foot against the Saints on Oct. 12.

In the three weeks before his injury, Thomas averaged 110 rushing yards per game, but the Bears have averaged just 77.5 yards as a team without him.

"He's practiced all week. I'd be shocked if he wasn't up and active and ready to go this week," Jauron said. "I don't know how he's going to feel tomorrow, but he hasn't missed anything through the course of this week."

Phillip Daniels, Adrian Peterson and Mike Green didn't work on Thursday, while Desmond Clark did some team drills. Keith Traylor and Warrick Holdman practiced, but the fate of most players is still to be determined.

"I think there will be a lot of game time decisions as we move towards it," Jauron said.

Jerry Azumah is fresh off his NFC Special Teams Player of the Week Award for his 89-yard kickoff return against Detroit. The former college running back knows what to do with the ball when it's in his hands, but the Bears don't plan on using him in his former role.

David Terrell averaged just 4.4 yards on five receptions against Detroit. However Jauron is happy with Terrell's progress.

"Really has done a tremendous job and this has been I'd say six or seven weeks since he's coming back to where he was a year ago before his injury," Jauron said. "He caught a critical third down and he also set up I believe a third and one or a third very short that we converted. Those are big plays for to us, anytime we can stay on the field. I'm really happy with David and I think he's just going to get better."

While several rookies are getting significant playing time with some starting, there is one player in the dark on his role with the team.

"I think we're just playing week to week right now. It doesn't seem to me like they have a plan for the year," Rex Grossman said. "For right now, Chandler's the man and from what I can tell, I'm No. 2 and I'll just go from there this week."

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