Reversal of fortune

RE Alex Brown is a player with a healthy respect for the game and for the abilities of his teammates. He expects the same from the Bears fans.

"Today was a good win," Brown said. "It's something that we are very satisfied with. But it does bother me when some of the so-called ‘experts' will say something like ‘ok, it was good that you got a win but it was against the Detroit Lions. Or you got by San Diego, but can you beat a team at the top of the league.' This indicates to me that the person making the statement has no idea just how difficult it can be to get any kind of a win in the National Football League."

Brown is an integral part of a resurgent Bears defensive effort that held the Chargers to a total of 7 points while successfully containing Charger offensive threat RD LaDainian Tomlinson, who averaged 3.8 yards on 16 carries.

"I am really proud of the way our team played," said Brown. "We pretty much took the Charger offense out of their game. San Diego just didn't seem able to get a running attack going. Their passing gave us a little more of a problem when Doug Flutie took over in the fourth quarter, but up to that point, we had Brees with only 15 attempts for 49 yards."

After two wins in a row, the Bears have the chance to turn their season around after a slow start against teams such as Minnesota and Green Bay. Brown sees the upcoming games against Detroit and St. Louis as possible momentum builders.

"Hey, we could get to the playoffs" Brown said. "As is the case with any team, what you've got to do is to keep winning. A big part of that is getting the fans behind us. Bears fans are the best in the world. I heard a lot of noise when we pinned San Diego down on the one. There was a big home field advantage. You want to make it hard for the other team to hear the count. It worked well today. Now let's get some more of that in every game."

Brown understands, however, that exciting play and strong showings against a variety of opponents secure fan support.

"Our confidence is up now that raises the level of our play," Brown said. "It's a situation where you win, then you get better the following week because you know that you can get the job done. Hopefully the fans will begin to get on board now as well. Let's get even more of that Chicago enthusiasm for the next home game."

What's made the difference recently in the attitude and the ability of the defensive line? Communication, confidence, and fewer mistakes.

"Before, we'd tend to have each player concentrating solely on his job and not paying much attention to what the other linemen were up to. If someone would be out of position, nobody else would compensate and the offense would go through that hole. Mistakes would tend to snowball. Now I sense much more awareness of other players and other positions. We can anticipate moves and operate as a unit."

Where do the Bears go from here?

"As far as we can. The team has the ability and the desire to win," Brown said. "Our coaching staff is excellent. Let's see what happens from now on. I think that today was our best appearance of the year. We are getting better each week and it's finally starting to show. We've always played hard but we haven't always played smart. That's beginning to change."

Any final words for Bears boosters?

"We appreciate you," Brown said. "You are the reason that we are out there playing. Make as much noise as you want. It helps our team get that extra edge."

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