Grading out

When you haven't had a winning streak in well over a year, you're happy about consecutive victories against anyone, even the Lions and Chargers.

B -- QB Chris Chandler completed 70 percent of his passes (21 of 30) and threw for 224 yards. Rookies Justin Gage and Bobby Wade played major roles again, combining for five catches and 94 yards. Starters Dez White and David Terrell split 14 receptions, but they combined for just 96 yards.

C-plus -- Anthony Thomas returned to the lineup and rushed for 111 yards on 31 carries. He and the ground game weren't spectacular, but they were effective. Chandler added an unexpected 11-yard scramble for a first down.

B -- Rookie CB Charles Tillman had an interception for the second straight game, and although the Bears again failed to get a sack, they produced enough pressure to disrupt the passing of Drew Brees, who was terrible before being replaced by Doug Flutie.

B-plus -- LaDainian Tomlinson's longest run was 14 yards, and he totaled 61 yards on 16 attempts for a 3.8-yard average, well below the 5.1 he was averaging coming in.

A -- Rookie CB Charles Tillman downed a Brad Maynard punt at the Chargers' one-yard line just after San Diego threatened to get back in the game. Paul Edinger hit both FG attempts. Rookie LB Joe Odom blocked a 46-yard FG attempt.

B -- The Bears continue to do an excellent job of integrating rookies into the lineup in all three phases of the game. Offensively, coordinator John Shoop called a successful mix of runs and passes. Defensively, coordinator Greg Blache played a lot of eight in the box and controlled LaDainian Tomlinson without allowing any big plays in the passing game. The Bears have proven they can defeat bad teams the past two weeks, and they get another on this week in Detroit. After that, the tests get more difficult.

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