One step forward, two steps back

It seems like every bit of good news the Bears have had of late is couple with something negative. Most dismiss their two-game winning streak because of the competition. Now Marty Booker looks like he could return, while another starter is listed as questionable.

Last Wednesday Marty Booker returned to limited work but missed his third straight game because of an ankle injury. While the receiver is further along than he's still listed as questionable.

"The main test will be in how I'm feeling in the morning," Booker said. "It seemed fine in practice today. If it is ok in the morning, then time will tell from there."

In many ways the best thing for the rest of the receivers has been Bookers' absence. Bobby Wade and Justin Gage could still be sitting on the bench if the Bears top receiver hadn't taken a leave of absence.

"They've been making plays and doing real well out there. Hopefully I can knock the rooks off during this week of practice, then I'll be coming in and making plays. If I can just live up to those expectations, to go where they've raised the bar, then I'll be all right."

Booker, who had 197 receptions over the past two seasons, is not used to being an observer.

"It's tough when you're out and the other guys are playing real good," Booker said. "We're working it out and hopefully we'll get all of the guys out there on the field. It's a matter of a lot of people getting opportunities. When you do get that kind of an opportunity, you have to make the best of it. You never want to be on the sidelines. You'll always wish that you were out there, trying to make a difference."

Obviously Booker is the Bears best all around receiver, but the team cannot afford to ignore the talents of Gage and Wade. Despite being veterans in the league inconsistency has kept Dez White and David Terrell from taking the next step.

Olin Kreutz is listed as questionable with an ankle injury. The All-Pro center is notorious for being tough guy. Last year he tired to play days after having an emergency appendectomy.

"We'll just have to watch that as the week goes on," Coach Dick Jauron said.

The offensive line has been intact for six straight games, but that streak is in jeopardy. If Kreutz can't go then either Josh Warner or Terrance Metcalf would get the starting nod.

Mike Green (Groin), Adrian Peterson (Ankle), Keith Traylor (knee), Cameron Worrell (ankle) are all questionable on the injury list.

Todd McMillon is the only player that has been ruled out of Sunday's contest against the Lions because of hand injury. It looks like the cornerback will miss at least two games because of the injury.

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