Book Return

Moving forward it looks like Marty Booker will be ready to go this weekend against the Lions. The receiver practiced for a second straight day and should start against Detroit.

"Marty had another good day of practice so I'm optimistic about that one," Jauron said of Booker's return. "I think he should be OK but we'll see again. You never know, but that's two good days in a row he hasn't complained at all."

In the meantime Booker's absence has allowed other receivers to develop such as Justin Gage and Bobby Wade.

If Marty Booker is active on Sunday he'll be on the field, which will cut the amount of playing time that Gage and Wade will receive.

"We'll try to do our best to keep all those guys active and the guys that are coming on strong keep them coming on strong, but we certainly want to be able to use Marty," said offensive coordinator John Shoop.

Dez White will start along side Booker and David Terrell will go back to his third receiver role leaving Gage and Wade to fight for the leftovers.

"At times you'll see Bobby Wade on the field, at times you'll see Justin Gage and different combinations of three wides even potentially some four wides in there," Shoop said.

Gage has proven to be a big play threat as five of six catches are over 20 yards. He came up with two such receptions against the Lions two weeks ago and Detroit will no doubt remember his performance.

"Honestly I hope teams do start paying more attention to me in particular because that is going to give Dez White, David Terrell, and Marty Booker give them a chance to make some huge plays," Gage said. "That just gives them one-on-one coverage and whatnot and that gives them a chance to kill defenders and that's a way to open up our passing game. When you have a defensive backfield looking at each individual receiver and saying they're a threat it's hard to cover them all."

At 6-foot-4, Gage uses his basketball background to go up over shorter cornerbacks reminding some of another former Bear receiver Marcus Robinson, but Coach Dick Jauron disagrees.

"He's a different kind of receiver in my opinion," Jauron said. "Marcus would catch the ball inside, but he had great, overpowering speed and size down the field. Justin I don't think has that kind of down-the-field speed.

"I'm not saying he doesn't have good down-the-field speed; he does. He can run by you. But Marcus had, at one time, rare down-the-field speed. I believe Justin is going to be a better route runner over time and maybe already (is). Justin may have better hands. Both of them are weapons."

Olin Kreutz sat of practice for the second straight day. The center remains questionable with an ankle injury.

At this point Josh Warner would start in place of Kreutz, but Terrence Metcalf is also taking reps with Chris Chandler.

"They've both been in there, but Josh has gotten the most reps and in our pre-game work they rotate all the time," Jauron said. "The quarterbacks go from center to center just so they do have some work with them. Hopefully if he has to play we won't have any issues there."

There is still a chance Kreutz could go even if he doesn't practice the entire week.

"I know they (the trainers) thought he got a lot better from Monday to Tuesday and then Tuesday to Wednesday," Jauron said.

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