Monday morning quarterback

The Detroit Lions proved better adjusters than the Bears. <P> Both Bears coach Dick Jauron's coaching staff and Steve Mariucci's Lions coaching staff had to make adjustments coming off of a game only two weeks ago against each other. The Lions made some the Bears failed to handle in their 12-10 win.

They played more of a soft zone (coverage) than the last time we played them," Bears quarterback Chris Chandler said. "We thought they might do the same thing as they did last time, but they didn't give us a chance to do a lot of things down field.

"We just threw a lot of short stuff."

In Marty Booker's return to the lineup from an ankle injury, the Bears found themselves unable to get it downfield. Booker had a 23-yard catch-and-run play that set up Desmond Clark's 12-yard touchdown catch, but the only other catch of any note by the Bears against the Lions' 23rd-ranked pass defense was a 16-yard pass to Justin Gage.

The Lions' secondary did not include starting cornerback Dre Bly (hamstring) and backup Jimmy Wyrick (chest muscle strain), who were injured. They used Doug Evans extensively at cornerback after signing him just a week ago.

The Lions played the softer coverage a week earlier against Oakland and were successful. So even though it was an adjustment, Bears offensive coordinator John Shoop said he had expected it. He just wanted Chandler to be patient.

"So while they did have some injuries and were playing some guys that maybe down the line (they) wouldn't, they rarely if ever put them in a vulnerable position," Shoop said.

The short passing game also became the Bears' running game much like it was in Chicago in the earlier Bears win. They actually only ran six times in the first half Sunday plus one Chandler scramble.

"We struggled running the ball in the first half until we recognized that Anthony carried the ball five times," Shoop said. "Bears players weren't sure whether this was the right approach -- or didn't want to say what they thought.

"That hindsight vision is really good," Chandler snipped. "I agree with you. To look back on something is always the best chance to be right."

Added Chandler: "We wish we had a lot of things to do over."

Booker gained 36 yards on four catches in his return to the lineup, but offered no criticism on whether he should have been a bigger part of the game plan.

"I don't know," he said. "I'm not the O.C. (coordinator). My opinion doesn't matter in this aspect."

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