Reaction to the action

With seven games to go there are several questions that could be answered if the coaching staff were willing to make changes.

Dear Mr. McCaskey,

Please have pity on us Bear fans. We continue to watch in horror week after week as John Shoop's lack of a game plan.

We watch John Shoop call the wrong plays at the wrong time. On 3rd and 19 Shoop runs a draw for 8 yards, which equals a three and out. Then on 3rd and 3 Shoop calls for a deep pass that went incomplete and resulted in another three and out. One first down, just one, late in the fourth quarter and we may have held the ball long enough for the one-point lead to stand. Heaven forbid John Shoop thinks about another score!

The Bears receivers should be more than the Lions depleted secondary can handle. Shoop never took advantage of the situation.

I use to think that Shoop was so concerned with ball control he forgot to put the ball in the end zone. Now I think he doesn't even know this is the object in football.

Run ball control when you are ahead. Even when the Bears are up by a point Shoop could not call plays that control the ball! I never though one person could make or break a football team, it's a team effort; but in this case it does!

Please Mr. McCaskey, fire Shoop. Hire someone who understands NFL football, someone that understands how to run an offense. Then maybe, just maybe, we can have a strategy that puts more than 10 points on the board, play calling that makes sense hold the ball in crucial times and give the defense a rest so they have a prayer of stopping other teams in the fourth quarter.

Dan Alonzi
Alma, Michigan

Time for Angelo to step up!
It was already painfully obvious the Bears were going nowhere after the 2nd quarter of the first game against San Francisco. Holding on to these false hopes of turning this season around has been a joke.

Dick Jauron lacks an ability to motivate and an imagination. He is gutless. Greg Blache is too conservative and also lacks an imagination. John Shoop is just simply ridiculous.

After this thrilling loss to the mighty Detroit Lions, the lines have been drawn. The Bears owe it to the fans to start Rex Grossman's grooming process immediately. Since this coaching staff, and I use the word "coaching" loosely, will have no incentive to start Grossman, Angelo needs to step in and demand a change. The most important thing about the next 7 games is to answer some personnel questions.

Steve Gerber
Shawano, WI

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