Bears Report Card

The Bears couldn't run or pass against a Lions defense ranked toward the bottom of the league.

PASSING OFFENSE: D-minus -- Unable to exploit a depleted Lions secondary, the Bears rarely even attempted to go deep despite the absence of Detroit's best defensive back, Dre' Bly. They netted 133 passing yards on 30 dropbacks and no one with two or more catches averaged even 10 yards per reception.

RUSHING OFFENSE: D -- Anthony Thomas got just five carries in the first half for 16 yards. He got the ball more frequently after halftime, but his productivity never increased.

PASS DEFENSE: D -- Seven different Lions receivers had catches for more than 10 yards. QB Joey Harrington was sacked just once and was not intercepted.

RUSH DEFENSE: A -- After three weeks the Bears had the NFL's worst run defense, but Sunday they allowed just 17 rushing yards on 20 carries. WR Reggie Swinton had a nine-yard run, but the Lions' 19 other rushing attempts netted just 8 yards.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D -- Other than Jerry Azumah's kickoff returns, there was nothing positive. Even reliable PK Paul Edinger suffered a meltdown - for him -- getting a 48-yarder blocked and missing wide left from 41.

COACHING: D -- The passing game didn't take advantage of a soft cover-2 shell in its hurry for Chris Chandler to get rid of the ball before he was touched. Go-to receiver Marty Booker returned but had just four catches for 36 yards. There was no effort made to establish what had been a red-hot ground game in a lackluster first half.

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