Terrell Talks

Chances are Dick Jauron is not going to be with the Bears next year, while David Terrell is making it known that he would not object to playing for another coach.

first-round pick is averaging 6.5 yards on his 28 receptions. He caught two passes for 14 yards on the Bears' first seven plays from scrimmage Sunday but didn't touch the ball again.

The play calling of offensive coordinator John Shoop has been question since he took the job two years ago, but now players are starting to point fingers.

"I think I did everything they wanted me to do in the offseason," David Terrell said. "I'm not happy with the record. I'm not happy with where I'm at right now at this stage of my career and there's a lot of stuff that went into play with it, but it is what it is. I'm going to try to stay pro and try to handle myself this year and deal with that in the offseason."

When asked about the future of the coaching staff if the season continues in a downward spiral Terrell did little to defend Jauron and did even less when questioned about the coaching staff being harder on him than other players.

"Hell yeah they're harder on me than other guys, but oh well, my life is different than other guys," Terrell said. "I was a first-round pick that never got a chance to play."

Dick Jauron quickly got wind of Terrell's comments and told his side of the story.

"First of all, I don't think it's necessarily true," Jauron said. "I think that the coaching staff coaches every player on every play in any way that we think will help them improve. So I would say it's not necessarily true. Maybe from David's perspective it is, but we certainly coach everybody out on the field."

While Jauron explained each player is treated the same from a regulation standpoint, he admitted that there are keys to motivating each personality.

It the end Jauron will be shown the door within two months. The question is what does GM Jerry Angelo think of Terrell, a player he did not draft. Is Terrell an underutilized weapon or a problem child?

The truth is a little of both.

Injury Report
WR Marty Booker (mid back) and S Cameron Worrell (ankle) were the only Bears on the injury list that practiced Wednesday. Jerry Azumah is probable with a knee injury and is expected to play. Booker, Mike Green (groin), Olin Kreutz (ankle), Adrian Peterson (ankle) are all questionable at this point. Dustin Lyman and Todd McMillon are the only two players have been ruled out.

Kreutz struggled after missing practice the majority of last week. The situation looks to be the same for the Pro Bowl center and will not likely get better until the offseason. Kreutz is somewhere between 60-70%, which limited what the Bears called against the Lions.

"My situation seems pretty cloudy right now," Kreutz said. "The last game I felt that I hurt the team more than I was able to help them. I want to go out and play every week. I definitely feel better physically than I did a week ago. I don't know yet how much better I'll feel by the weekend."

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