Offense continues to sputter

Defense holds it's own against the Rams

The Bears defense did all they could against an explosive Rams offensive attack, but it wasn't good enough as Chicago can only put up two offensive scores.


K Jeff Wilkins 41-yard field goal at 1:14.
Key plays: A 30-yard Brad Maynard punt gave the Rams the ball in Chicago territory. Marc Bulger went to Torry Holt for 11 yards. An attempted reverse to TE Cam Cleeland was stuffed by Keith Traylor and Brian Urlacher, which put St. Louis in third and long. Another completion to Holt put the Rams well within Wilkins range, but the Bears defense held St. Louis to just a field goal.
Drive: 5 plays, 19 yards, 2:39.
Rams 3, Bears 0


PR R.W. McQuarters returns a punt 60-yards at 10:25
McQuarters took Sean Landeta's 48-yard punt at the 40 and started on the east side of the field made a move past Spencer Nead and Bryce Fisher. McQuarters then cut across the field outrunning Jamie Duncan and Sean Landeta were the last men with a chance to bring him down before he reached the end zone. Extra point by Paul Edinger was good.
Drive: 1 play, 60 yards, 0:17.
Bears 7, Rams 3

RB Anthony Thomas 1-yard run at 3:04
Key plays: The Bears defense gave the offense great field position by sacking Marc Bulger on three consecutive plays. When Chicago got the ball they turned to Anthony Thomas on 8 of 9 plays for 42 yards including a 25-yard burst that put the ball inside the St. Louis 5. . Extra point by Paul Edinger was good.
Drive: 9 plays, 47 yards, 5:34.
Bears 14, Rams 3


WR Torry Holt 4-yard reception at 3:48.
Key plays: On 4th and inches Mike Martz kept his offense in despite being at their 40. Marshall Faulk broke past the line of scrimmage and into the open field picking up 52 yards. R.W. McQuarters made a touchdown saving tackle, but the gain gave St. Louis first and goal. . Extra point by Jeff Wilkins was good.
Drive: 6 plays, 69 yards, 3:23.
Bears 14, Rams 10


TE Brandon Manumaleuna 4-yard reception.
Key plays: Martz continued to gamble and went for an onside kick following the Rams previous score. St. Louis lined up in normal kick formation, but Jeff Wilkins popped the ball in the air and the Rams Arlen Harris came up with the ball at their 40. Moving the ball steadily down the field, Martz took another gamble when Mike Furrey converted a 4th and two on a reverse. A mixture of Marshall Faulk and Marc Bulger completions continued the possession. . Extra point by Jeff Wilkins was good.
Drive: 13 plays, 59 yards, 6:00.
Rams 17, Bears 14

K Jeff Wilkins 44-yard field goal at 7:21
Key plays: The Bears offense went three and out forcing the defense back on the field after two consecutive sustained drives. A 16-yard completion from Marc Bulger to Torry Holt put the ball at the Bears 33. It looked like St. Louis would put the ball in the end zone after an 11-yard catch by Marshall Faulk put the Rams in the red zone, but the defense forced St. Louis to settle for three points instead of seven.
Drive: 8 plays, 30 yards, 4:00.
Rams 20, Bears 14

WR Dez White 11-yard reception at 5:58
Key plays. Chris Chandler came out firing, completing three straight passes to Marty Booker (24 yards), Desmond Clark (27 yards) and White. Extra point by Paul Edinger was good.
Drive: 3 plays, 62 yards, 1:22.
Bears 21, Rams 20

K Jeff Wilkins 31-yard field goal at 0:38
Key plays: A 21-yard completion from Marc Bulger to Torry Holt put the Rams in Bears territory. Two penalties on the Bears kept the possession moving forward including one that took away a sack.
Drive: 13-plays, 67 yards, 2:03.
Rams 23, Bears 21

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