Losses don't equal change

Bears head coach Dick Jauron restated his commitment to the Bears overall offensive scheme and to the play calling of coordinator John Shoop during his Monday morning press conference at Halas Hall.

While admitting that the final series of the game, during which QB Chris Chandler had two incompletions to Dez White, did not go the way the coaching staff had hoped, Jauron felt that the calls were correct.

"I spoke to Paul Edinger just before those plays were run," Dick Jauron said. "He was definite in saying that he needed at least 5 extra yards in order to make the field goal. After hearing that, it certainly made sense to try a pass with a run down the sidelines. Unfortunately we ran out of time before there was a score."

Jauron did concede that communication problems between Chandler and Greg Olson could have been partly to blame for the broken plays.

"Chris said that his headset kept cutting out," Jauron said. "There wasn't much that we could do about that. He was calling the plays the best way that he could. Ideally, he probably should have taken a delay of game penalty on the third down. We would have lost 5 yards, but the extra time gained might have been worth it."

Jauron also stated that he felt there was "no question that Chandler should remain #1" and that it was premature for any type of discussion as far as when, or even if; rookie Rex Grossman should be given a chance.

"Both Chris and Kordell are excellent quarterbacks," Jauron added. "Kordell has a little more mobility but his accuracy isn't as good. Chris has been slightly under par for the past two weeks, but there is no reason to think that he won't come back and be the player that we know he is. No quarterback is able to hit the receiver with every ball he throws. Chris' NFL experience is invaluable for our team. He is a good fit with our offense."

Jauron also mentioned that at this point in the season, the Bears are not mathematically out of the playoff picture, although with each passing week their chances seem to grow dimmer.

"A record of 10-6 will definitely get you in. At 9-7 you have a chance. If you go 8-8,you need to be pretty lucky, but you just might make it. What it comes down to is that we have lost our margin for error. We need to win every game from now on."

When asked about the status of Paul Edinger whose recent slump has cost the Bears several field goals, Jauron stated that the kicker is going to be working one on one with special teams coach Mike Sweatman in the Bears' indoor practice facility.

"That way there will be no distraction with the whether and Paul can concentrate solely on his timing," Jauron said. "That is the part of his game that seems to be off right now. This week we'll hope that Paul has the chance to regroup and to get back into his rhythm."

What about the overall frustration level of the team and the coaching staff?

"Well, that's something that you just have to deal with," Jauron said. "Everybody here wants to win. Nobody likes to lose. Certainly it can get discouraging but we definitely aren't giving up. We are in this for the long haul. The players are practicing hard and the coaching staff is doing everything they can to be successful against Denver next weekend."

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