Bears free agent list

The Bears don't have a lot of big decisions to make in the free agent market, but the choices will impact what they do in the draft and what players they'll go after this offseason.

Unrestricted Free agents – Defense

Todd McMillon
It could go either way. He's a dime cornerback and a good special teams player that has been in the system for 4 years. He will not cost much to re-sign, so there is a chance he could be back with the Bears.

Keith Traylor
Traylor is 34 and had trouble all season staying in the lineup because of an arthritic knee. Alfonso Boone has played adequately in his place and the team will also address the position in the draft.


Corbin Lacina
Stopgap measure during an injury plagued year for the offensive line. The veteran hasn't played since Chris Villarrial has returned to the lineup. Decent backup, but with Rex Tucker slated to return next year the team won't need his services.

Stanley Pritchett
Veteran FB is better receiver than blocker or runner. Has been given the starting job this season after being a backup last year. Unless the team finds something better in the free agent market he could be back.

Chris Villarrial
Has been solid all year, but could cost too much money to retain. The Bears have already given big money to Olin Kreutz and Rex Tucker. The team will look to draft a left tackle to protect Rex Grossman next year, meaning Mike Gandy could be moved back to his original position of guard.

Dez White
The Bears leading receiver will probably be gone. He flashes greatness on one play and drops an easy pass on the next. He's a decent 2nd receiver, but would be a great third. The Bears won't pay him big money when they have young receivers ready to get on the field.

Restricted free agents
Mike Gandy

He hasn't distinguished himself as a premiere tackle, but the fact that he can play there and guard will make him worth keeping. If the team selects a left tackle in the draft he may move back to guard.

Joe Tafoya
He's versatility makes him valuable. He can play defensive end and tackle. Is willing to throw his body around on special teams, which is rare. Chances are he will be offered a low tender.

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