Thursday Roundup

Alex Brown, Joe Odom and Mike Green were all held out of practice for a second straight, but the team is still hopeful they'll be ready Sunday.

"Hopefully we'll get two of those three, maybe all three back tomorrow, but I don't know, we'll wait and see how that goes," said Coach Dick Jauron.

Alex Brown and Joe Odom are the more likely pair to practice and play Sunday. Mike Green has been battling with a groin injury for more than a month and each time he's returned to action the problem has flared up.

"It's been a tough injury for him, it's been a tough ride," Jauron said. "He comes back and feels like he can play, the doctors clearly feel like he can and reinjures it. At one time it was actually a little more swollen, but it felt a lot better to him."

In meantime Bobby Gray has been more than an adequate fill in. While Gray isn't great in coverage he'll layout an opposing receiver in order to breakup a pass. The element of physicality has been missing from the secondary since Tony Parrish left following the 2001 season.

The Bears are looking to points and the effort has moved to a new level of desperation.

Is offensive coordinator John Shoop is drawing up plays for Jerry Azumah the NFL's top kick returner and a former college running back?

" We'll see," Shoop said. "We have some.. There's some good athletes on defense and there's some guys maybe that can help us score some points. We'll see."

Adverse Conditions
Considering the thin air and in climate weather the Bears will face in Denver the team is likely to use a rotation of players on both sides of the ball, but especially on defense because the Broncos have one of the best running attacks in the league.

"We would definitely watch them as we do in every game," Jauron said. "If a guy doesn't look like he can do the job, if he's that tired, then we'll get somebody in to spell him and we'd do it more often if we felt it was more necessary."

BY THE NUMBERS: 101 -- yards needed by Clinton Portis to hit the 1,000-yard mark this year. He already has six 100-yard games.

BR Notes
In light of the Vikings' four-game losing streak, and with the Packers losing three of their last five games, coach Dick Jauron was asked if he' frustrated by back-to-back 2-point losses. Victories in those games would have the Bears at 5-5 and one game out of first place in the NFC North.

"I don't know that we could be more frustrated," Jauron said. "The fact is we are where we are and all of the things that people talk about or you want to think about, they don't do you any good. We can think about all those issues, the would'ves, the could'ves, the should'ves, the only-ifs, or we can accept where we are and move forward, and we choose to move forward."

Don't expect the Bears to put up much of a fight to keep wide receiver Dez White, an unrestricted free agent after this season. White has seven touchdown catches in four years. David Terrell already has eight in three seasons, even though he missed 11 games with a fractured foot last year. If he gets the same opportunities as White has had, Terrell will put up better numbers, as long he can keep his focus on becoming a superstar instead of acting like one.

A year ago general manager Jerry Angelo said Anthony Thomas was "not a special back." But Tuesday night on the WSCR (AM-670) Management Report, Angelo said the Bears aren't looking to replace Thomas and that the team has proven it can win riding the A-Train.

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