Victory opens new can of worms

Kordell Stewart engineered two fourth quarter drives to lead the Bears to a win, but Jason Klabacha is concerned with the longer-term ramifications of today's game. Analysis you can only get in one place:!

One would think that the Bears breaking their 12-game road-losing streak would be the best thing that could have happened, but the fact is that it likely means at least another week of the status quo.

Chris Chandler only played a half due to a sprained ACL joint in his right shoulder. The Bears trailed 10-9 when Kordell Stewart entered the game for the first time since Oct. 12 at New Orleans.

Stewart engineered two fourth quarter scoring drives in the second half including a 1-yard score on 4th down that gave the Bears a 16-10 lead. He looked sharp early, but in the end completed less than half of his passes. Stewart used his feet rushing 8 times for 29 yards, but that isn't going to work when a team has a full week to prepare for starting.

Denver watched tape on Chandler and despite his history of health problems the Broncos did little to get ready for Stewart.

With Chandler's immediate future in doubt and Stewart leading the Bears to a road victory it would be a shock if Rex Grossman starts before Week 15 at home vs. Minnesota.

Not only does a victory mean Grossman will stay on the bench, but it continues to push the Bears down in the draft.

The chances of a playoff run are miniscule even in a weak NFC North. However when Grossman starts his first game it will signal the waiving of the white flag by the Bears and the end of the Dick Jauron era.

The coaching staff has bought themselves another week of leaving the rookie on the bench and with Arizona coming to town another win is likely with either Chandler or Stewart at the helm.

Leaving the Bears 5-7 with a trip to Green Bay, who is 6-5 going into a Thanksgiving game at Detroit. Minnesota broke their 4-game losing streak with a win over Detroit and now stand 7-4.

The Bears are three games out of first with five to play, but Jauron will continue to manipulate the numbers until there are no mathematical possibilities left.

The fact is the season ended weeks ago, but with Jauron battling for his job he'll continue to punch the calculator trying to keep a improbable playoff run alive and Grossman on the bench.

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