A View from the Couch

The Bears did the seemingly impossible Sunday by defeating the Denver Broncos, in Denver, 19-10. This win snapped the Bears 12-game road losing streak and brought them up to four wins on the season (4-7).

The Bears were really impressive, especially the play of the defense and kicker Paul Edinger who had been in a short slump, as of late, but proved that he was once again a reliable kicker. The Bears did not come out of this game unscathed however, as quarterback Chris Chandler left the game at the end of the first half after suffering a sprained shoulder. Kordell Stewart took Chandler's place.

Although Stewart didn't do an outstanding job, he still managed to keep the ball moving for Chicago and kept it out of the hands of Jake Plummer and Clinton Portis. Stewart led the Bears offense on two scoring drives, one ended with a field goal and the other ended with a one-yard touchdown run by Stewart. Despite the fact that Stewart hadn't played in several weeks he did just enough to win the game for the Bears while the defense kept Denver from scoring in the second half.

The Broncos started the scoring with a one-yard touchdown pass from Jake Plummer to Rod Smith. The Bears Jerry Azumah then returned the ensuing kickoff 51 yards, which helped to set up a Paul Edinger field goal to help bring the Bears within 4 points. The Bears marched down the field to the Denver 1-yard line but could not put the ball in the end zone. They had to settle for another Paul Edinger field goal to bring the score to 7-6. Edinger hit another field goal in the final seconds of the half to give the Bears a 9-7 lead heading to the locker room. It is also important to note that at one point before the end of the first half, Chris Chandler suffered a sprained shoulder, but he remained in the game. Stewart then replaced Chandler in the second half.

The Broncos took their first possession of the second half and marched right down the field in a flash, thanks to a 49-yard run by Portis. Luckily, for the Bears, safety Mike Brown brought the back down before he could reach the end zone. After that, the Bears defense stiffened up and didn't let the Broncos score again.

Stewart led Chicago down the field to the Denver one-foot line. There, the Broncos made a stand until Stewart finally plunged into the endzone on fourth down for the go ahead score. This put the Bears ahead by 16-10. Edinger added another field goal and the Bears came away with a 19-10 victory over the heavily favored Denver Broncos.

The defense did not let their lead slip away like they did against the Rams last week and, despite the fact they allowed Clinton Portis to gain 165 yards, they did not allow him to reach the endzone. The unit also kept Plummer out of rhythm and did a good job covering the Bronco's receivers. Charles Tillman had another good game and proved that he is getting better with more experience. Anthony Thomas did fairly well against a tough Bronco's run defense gaining 60 yards.

This was a tough decision because the Bears defense did a good job of keeping the Bears in the game and not let the lead slip away. The offense did a pretty good job of holding on to the ball and not giving it away like they did in many other games this year.

Still, one name comes to mind when I think of someone who helped to win this game and that's Paul Edinger. His four field goals were the difference and he really proved himself after falling short in the last two games against Detroit and St. Louis. He absorbed a lot of criticism for the slump that he fell into and made up for some of his failing in the past by making all of his field goals in this game especially kicking on a surface that was nearly frozen. You have to give Edinger a lot of credit for this win.

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