Take The Win

The defense continues to play great and the unit is becoming an offensive threat. For the second straight week Greg Blache's group put points up on the board. R.W. McQuarters 69-yard fumble return for a touchdown was the difference in the game.

The Bears have been getting the turnovers, but they're not just falling on the ball. Guys are picking it up and looking for the big-play. The defense is playing an intimidating brand of football by hitting people as hard as they have. Tony Parrish caused Frank Sanders to drop a ball over the middle because the receiver knew he was going to take a hit.

At the same time the tackling hasn't suffered because everyone is going for the knockout. Mike Brown's technique, which forced Michael Pittman to fumble, was perfect and the result was McQuarters TD.

On the other hand the offense started out strong and then did nothing in the second half. In addition to their lack of production the offense turned the ball over. Glyn Milburn fumbled the kickoff to open the third quarter kickoff giving Arizona great field position on the Chicago 30. However, the defense stopped Arizona with the aid of a few holding penalties on the Cardinals.

The offense had 21 total yards in the third quarter and couldn't run out the clock in the fourth period. However, what we did see was the running game coming along. Coming into this game the Bears had 182 yards rushing in three games. Chicago had 137 yards on the ground against Arizona.

Anthony Thomas looked good, but so did James Allen. I understand Arizona's run defense is not that good, but you still have to produce.

The only negative on the defense was the 99-yard drive at the end of the game. Warrick Holdman had a chance to intercept a Plummer pass but he dropped the ball. You only have so many opportunities to make a play and the team is still learning how to finish a game.

At times the team looked like they had the game under control, but they have to finish like they did against Atlanta. The Cardinals have the ability to comeback, as they did against Philly last week.

When you take a look at it they won the football game, but you still have to do certain things to continue winning, especially offensively. The coaching staff will harp on that over the next week.

The playaction pass needs to be utilized more. You can't forget to pass and pass downfield. Miller had one pick in double coverage, but you can't be afraid to go for it. No risk no reward.

David Terrell is a mystery to me. I don't know what's going on with him. Every pass he catches seems to be for a short gain. I would like to see John Shoop call deeper routes for him. Although, Dez White caught a 17-yard pass and Marty Booker had a 25-yard reception.

One thing the team doesn't have to worry about is the kicking game. Paul Edinger and Brad Maynard have been solid. Maynard is the 12th defender with the way he pins opposing teams inside their 20 on a consistent basis. Edinger has been steady on field goals. He hit from 46 and 43 yards out.

Be happy you're 3-1, but don't be satisfied. The Bears need to keep pushing up and beyond their current level.

They need to keep playing as a team. One side of the ball seems to take play better than the other and for the most part it's been the defense. It's easier for the defense to keep a team in the game, until the offense can start to click. The pressure will be on defense to step up week after week. I think they're up to it, because it seems as if the Bears defense likes the responsibility of shutting down the offense.

I'm glad that the Bears have a few more weeks before Green Bay. The upcoming games are not pushovers with Cincinnati (3-2), San Francisco (4-1) and Cleveland (3-2). The key is to get to November 11 with as many wins as they can.

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