Guessing game continues

Although Kordell Stewart took the majority of the reps during Wednesday's practice, Chris Chandler got some work in meaning Dick Jauron won't make a decision until later in the week.

"We'll proceed through this week pretty much like we did last week with our quarterbacks," Dick Jauron said. "Obviously we're happy that we have both of those guys, both veterans, and both of them playing well at this time."

Chris Chandler is still working out the kinks in his right shoulder, which he sprained against Denver. A week off has improved the injury, but it's still not completely healed.

"It's not so much soreness as it is not being able to throw the ball as hard as I want to," Chandler said. "It's definitely not 100%, but I feel a lot better than I did Friday or Sunday before the game."

Whoever lines up behind center will probably have a different line protecting the pocket. Chris Villarrial (strained ribcage) and Aaron Gibson (knee) are listed as questionable on the Injury List.

Chances are Terrence Metcalf will start for Villarrial at right guard, while Steve Edwards will slide over to right tackle and Corbin Lacina filling in at right guard.

A group that struggled in the opening weeks of the season had become a strength for the team. However the continuity of the group

"We've had some guys recently on the O Line who have come in and really stepped up," Kordell Stewart said. "It's an opportunity for them. This doesn't throw us off as it is the kind of thing that we work on in practice all of the time."

The one bright spot Wednesday was the fact that Anthony Thomas returned to practice after viral pneumonia forced him to sit out the Arizona game. Thomas lost five pounds due to the illness and his stamina could be affected.

Meaning Brock Forsey, who is coming off 134-yard performance, could share the workload with Thomas.

Clearing the air: Bryan Robinson has had his ups and down in the past year, but Monday the defensive end was questioned and his house searched after a man claimed to be sexually assaulted by the 29-year-old. In the end no charges were filed and the claim proved to be completely unfounded.

Robinson addressed the situation with his teammates warned them of the negative side of being a celebrity.

"The false acquisition is wrong. And personally and professionally it could be damaging if I allow a certain individual to get under my skin," Robinson said. "It goes to show that we as professional athletes or whoever in this field need to be careful. We need to be careful because you sit and you see things on TV and you say how could that have happened to this person or how did you get yourself caught in that situation, but I'm proof that it can happen to anybody. And so that's one thing I wanted to address the team this morning: just be careful because at any given time it can happen to you because it happened to me."

When the Packers came to Chicago in Week 4, the Paris Hilton and Brian Urlacher fiasco became a distraction to a team that was 0-3 and opening a new stadium.

However that doesn't seem to be the case in this situation.

"The thing about coming to work is it's kind of like an escape from everything," Robinson said. "You're with your friends, you're on the field, you're playing football. This is kind of like a safe haven, so to speak, when you come to work."

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