Player Profile - Joe Tafoya

While Joe Tafoya might not yet be a household name among fans, he's an invaluable part of the team. Bear Report's Beth Gorr recently caught up with the defensive end.

Joe Tafoya has risen through the ranks since after being signed by the Bears as a waived free agent three years ago. Tafoya has contributed to the team as a reserve DE and has been a standout on special teams. Joe's reputation at Halas Hall is that of a reliable, hard hitting, no nonsense player.

Favorite off-season activity: I love golf. It's a great way to relax. This coming summer, I'm summer; I'm doing something different. I plan on taking an internship in the building trade. I want to learn about construction from the inside out, so to speak.

Marital status: I just got engaged. We haven't set a date yet for the wedding.

Vehicle: Lincoln Navigator. There's nothing like a nice big car.

Favorite food: That's easy. Pizza.

Favorite cereal: Frosted Cheerios.

Favorite music: Just about anything.

Favorite television show: I like a show on the Discovery Channel that is about motorcycles.

Favorite movie: Lord of the Rings. I read the books and I love the movies.

Favorite sport other than football: Golf.

First football memory: Playing on the junior high team with my friends when I was about 12.

Favorite football play: A sack.

First car: A white Camaro.

Work ethic: I'm always out there giving it my best shot.

Roommate on the road: Alfonso Boone. The only problem is that he snores.

Best friend on the team: I like everybody.

What did you do with your signing bonus: Paid off some loans.

What's your most vivid football memory: The Detroit game. I was running in a wedge and smacked right into a Detroit player. It knocked me out cold. Him too. But I was back on the field right after I woke up.

Pet Peeve: When people start a sentence then never bother to finish it. That drives me crazy. I want to know how things turn out.

Biggest influence. My high school football coach.

What are you planning to do after your football career ends: Go into building or real estate development.

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