Confidence Not a Problem For Jauron

Chicago's 3-1 start might not have been important to Dick Jauron's confidence, but it certainly was to a young team, who is learning how to win.

The Jauron led Bears are in unfamiliar territory. The 1999 team was 3-2 after a 20-16 win in Minnesota. The following week Chicago faced a Philadelphia team that went 5-11. In a game Chicago should have won they got behind early and never caught up. After a big road win in Atlanta the Cardinal game setup a similar scenario.

However, this time Jauron had the players focussed making sure no one took Arizona for granted. The 20-13 score didn't reflect the Bears control of the game. The defense hit hard and was the difference. R.W. McQuarters 69-yard fumble return for a touchdown marked consecutive weeks the defense has scored.

Jauron said the improvement from previous years to this season has a lot to do with getting the bounces.

"You know additional personnel, increased team speed, I think luck. You know we've gotten more bounces I think," he said. "We're better, we've gotten more breaks, we've made more breaks. Other than that you know I don't see what else there is really other than that. We're better and we're getting more breaks and we're playing better.

"It was obviously important for us to get off to a good start, but you know all those things in sports are interesting. You have to play well in December, well you got to play well in September and October, November, to make it you know count in December. You know you have to get out to fast start. Well if you get out to a fast start and have a horrible finish its not going to do you any good either. I'm glad where we are, we're real happy where we are, but we know we have a long ways to go and a lot of work in front of us and a lot of improving to do."

The loss to Philadelphia during the 1999 campaign dropped the Bears record to 3-3. The team went 3-7 the rest of the way. Of course there were a number of circumstances that went into the downfall including Jim Miller missing the last four game of the year due to a suspension.

During his two plus years in Chicago Jauron has received praise and criticism. Still he said his confidence has never been an issue.

"I can only tell you I have never really lacked for confidence, so I feel the same," he said. "I'm real glad we're wining. We've worked awfully hard to get here, but in terms of me personally I'm just really happy for the team for our entire team that includes me and our organization.

The team believes in Jauron and players know each win makes it more likely their coach will be back next year.

"That would be good," said Walt Harris. "I like Dick personally he a good coach, he's a players coach. You know he just hasn't had the breaks the (last) couple years and know he has an opportunity to display how good of a coach he really is."

Harris has thought about what needs to be done to keep Jauron around next year. "That's been around on my mind," he said. "I'm glad we're winning in hopes that we continue to win and that increases the chances he will be around."

Jauron does not a "rah-rah" type of a personality. Harris, who played for Dave Wannstedt, said coaches have to use their personality they can't pretend to be someone they are not.

"I think every good coach has their own personality and their way of getting guys going and playing for them," Harris said. "I think Dick is just a low mellow coach. He knows what he wants; he knows what he wants to get out of players. He's the silent sleeper coach that you wouldn't expect (to yell). Coach doesn't say much, but you know when he does he means it.

"He's more lade back there's not panic around here and when you're relaxed you're able to make better decisions with anything."

The Bears are learning how to win games when the team is not playing at their top level. Chicago's number one receiver Marcus Robinson had only two receptions for six yards against Arizona. However, the running game had its best output of the season gaining 137 yards against the Cardinals 31st ranked rushing defense.

Jauron said he isn't concerned with Robinson's production against Arizona. The most important statistic is the number in the win column.

"You know if we can keep winning and he has two catches I'm sure he'll be happy and we'll be very happy, but that's not going to the case," Jauron said. "You know Marcus is going to get the ball more. We definitely plan on Marcus in our offense. We try to take advantage of him and then the game takes a direction, but Marcus will definitely be involved."

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