Reaction to the action

Dan Daniels is a Bear fan from Evanston and he's sick of watching his favorite team get beat by their rivals to the north.

Are other Bear fans as disgusted as I am by the way the loathsome Packers have humiliated us for the past 10 years?

Does it make you sick every time Brett Favre raises his fists to celebrate another score and inevitable victory?

Will there ever come a day when the front office has the ability to recognize talent, or in our history the lack of it, at the quarterback position?

Are we not tired of being ranked near the cellar on offense and hearing commentators question Shoop's inept play-calling time and time again?

It is said that when George Halas hired Mike Ditka he told him "if you beat only one team this year, it better be the Packers." We need a coach who can beat the Packers.

We need an offensive coordinator with some creativity and a playbook that isn't written on the inside of a matchbook cover. I was at the home opener at the New Soldier Field with my brother and father continuing a tradition in our family that goes back over 55 years. However, when I left Soldier Field, I was saddened. The Chicago Bears are not simply a football team; they are a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation.

After the Packers beat the Bears Sunday, my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter asked, "what's wrong daddy?" My wife told her that "his football team lost." I want her to understand that it is much more than that and I have great comfort that she will.

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