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There are plenty of reasons why Rex Grossman needs to make his pro debut - here are 10.

10. Erasing the memory of the last #8 would only be a step in the right direction.

9. The Bears are officially out of playoff contention. This has been obvious for weeks, but now it is a mathematical fact.

8. Building a relationship with his receiving crop. Rex Grossman has worked with Justin Gage and Bobby Wade on the scout team. However it's time to see what Grossman can do with a polished receiver such as Marty Booker. David Terrell could also find a quarterback that will throw him the ball.

7. This draft class could be the best the Bears have had in recent memory, but add in a quarterback of the future and it would be even better.

6. Grossman is the only first-round pick that hasn't played this season. It's time to put that note to bed this weekend against Minnesota.

5. Getting his feet wet. It's better to get his first start out of the way when the pressure will be at a minimum. A first-round pick will always be scrutinized, but the weight will be less now with nothing to lose.

4. The Bears offense is ranked 32nd in the NFL and their passing game is 31st, so it seems that Grossman can't do any worse than Kordell Stewart and Chris Chandler.

3. Chandler and Stewart are at the bottom of the NFC in passer rating and both are thirty something veterans that aren't a part of the Bears future.

2. A glimpse of what Grossman is capable of is all that anyone will get in three games, but it's better than going into the off-season with nothing on tape.

1. Giving the fans something to look forward as the team is on the verge of their 7th losing season in 8 years.

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