Gray vs. Green: The Battle Continues

The media has chosen its favorite, but....

The debate over whether Bobby Gray or Mike Green should be the starting strong safety rages on.

Gray is a lights-out hitter but basically an in-the-box safety who is still learning how to cover. Green has better speed and is better in coverage, but hardly another cornerback.

Gray has started five of the past seven games while Green has nursed a strained groin, which is still not 100 percent, according to coaches, although his name doesn't appear on the injury report. It almost appears as if the coaching staff is going out of its way to avoid making Green look bad by losing the starting job on merit rather than injury.

Defensive coordinator Greg Blache teed up members of the media who continue to clamor for Gray, since he's made more big hits in the past seven weeks than Green has in four years.

"Not to minimize Bobby," Blache said. "He makes big hits, but there's more to playing football than just big hits. I don't know how else to explain to you people, but there are other things. There's coverage, there's checks, there's handling other things, and I've said it before and you don't understand it so I don't know how else to explain it to you. His time will come. When his time comes we'll all sacrifice and cheer and go woo. But you know what, in the meantime we will make the decision that we think is best. I know you guys think you know better, but you don't know diddley."

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