Unhappy Bear

In a week where the Bears have been eliminated from playoff contention there seems to be a sense of rejuvenation because of the dawning of the Rex Grossman era. However not all is well in the locker room.

How much can a second day pick demand from his coaching staff?

The truth is very little, if at all.

While Bobby Wade hopes that fellow rookie Rex Grossman will look in his direction more than Kordell Stewart or Chris Chandler did, he knows that he's not going to see more playing time even with the team out of playoff contention.

"I accept it. I ain't got no choice," Wade said. " I don't like it all. I don't agree with it. It doesn't make sense, but that's why their coaches and they get to call the shots."

With Justin Gage emerging as a playmaker most of the additional reps in practice and snaps in the game have gone his way.

"Well, anytime somebody gets more reps it's certainly at the expense of someone," said offensive coordinator John Shoop. "But there is personnel groupings where Justin will be in the game with Dez (White) in the game. There's personnel groupings where Bobby Wade in the game with Dez still in the game. So there's a lot of different ways that you can do it."

In his own right Wade has done his part to earn more of a look. He's averaging over 14 yards on 8 receptions, but can only take so much away from his performance this year.

"I've grown, but I think I could have grown a lot more. I think I could have helped a lot. I'm confused. I don't know if it's the confidence that he (Shoop) has in me. I really don't care who makes It." – Wade said in reference to his playing time not increasing as the season comes to an end.

With Dez White's impending free agency it only makes sense to see what young receivers like Gage and Wade can do, but in the end the decision lies in the hands of the coaching staff.

"The interesting thing about football is it's not like basketball where you can guarantee a guy a set number of minutes or run him in or out," Shoop said. "Games can go different types of ways. So we have plans to get those three (referring to Gage, Wade and Brock Forsey) guys specifically involved, but how much so, it's hard to say until the game gets going."

The lack of vision in implementing rookies has been a problem for this regime since its inception and could contribute to its demise.

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