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Bryan Dietzler brings us a fan's view on the Bears win over Minnesota...

Rex Grossman played a nearly flawless game and the Bears defense held the high powered Viking offense to just 10 points as the Bears won a close contest 13-10.

The game was almost lost for the Bears as the Vikings had marched down towards the end zone in the final two minutes of the game, but cornerback Charles Tillman stole a pass from Daunte Culpepper to Randy Moss. Tillman appeared to rip the ball away from Moss and then land in the end zone for a touchback. That play sealed the victory for Chicago and brought their record to 6-8 on the season.

Grossman's first game at quarterback was mistake free which really helped the Bears to get the win. He showed that he had a strong arm, especially when he connected on a 39 yard pass to Marty Booker and made several other attempts to connect on long passes as well. He also did well in his intermediate and short passing game making completions on several attempts within those ranges.

The Bears jumped out on a Paul Edinger kicked a 38-yard field goal on their first possession. Following the field goal, neither team did much of anything the rest of the first quarter.

The score remained 3-0 until the second quarter, when the Bears mounted a ten play 75-yard scoring drive that was capped off with a one-yard dive by Anthony Thomas to increase the Bears lead 10-0. The Vikings added a field goal on the next possession to make the score 10-3 and it remained that way into the second half.

The Chicago's third possession of third quarter brought them a 22-yard field goal, which would be the Bears final score of the game.

The Vikings pulled to within three when Culpepper connected on a 16-yard touchdown toss to Moss with four and half minutes gone in the fourth quarter.

The Bears did nothing with the ball the entire fourth quarter but they did manage to hold off the Vikings until very late in the game when Minnesota drove all the way down to the Chicago ten-yard line. As it looked as if the Vikings were going to either tie or go ahead in the game with just a little over a minute left in the game, Charles Tillman stepped in and ripped the ball away from Moss on what would have been a touchdown. The pick sealed the win for the Bears and gave Grossman his first career victory in his first NFL start.

Despite the fact the Bear's defense allowed Vikings running back Onterrio Smith to rush for 148 yards they managed to keep the Vikings out of the end zone as well as out of field goal range to help keep the lead and preserve the win. Overall, they played a pretty good game.

Player of the Game: Although most everyone else played pretty well in this game, Tillman had to be the player of the game. His game saving interception sealed the win for the Bears and not only did it seal the win, it was an amazing play. Tillman fought for the ball and beat one of the league's best wide receivers. The Bears rookies have been doing good things all year and this is just another perfect example of their outstanding talent and ability.

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