Up in the air

With two games left on the schedule the Bears have a chance to finish 8-8, but will be that be enough to keep Dick Jauron around next season? Phillip Daniels blames the players for the uncertainty of the coaching staff.

There are plenty of reasons for why the Bears got off to a 1-5 start, but Daniels put the emphasis on a defense that allowed 29.3 points per game during that span and tried to deflect criticism toward Jauron and his staff.

"I want to be the first to apologize to Coach Jauron," Daniels said. "We wanted to start fast and we just couldn't get it done. If we'd been 5-0 earlier in the season, things would be different now for coach Jauron. Early on, we made mistakes. Our communication wasn't what it should have been and we weren't playing well together. I think we all let Coach Jauron down."

While Jauron would never point the finger at his players the speculation of his future is only going to intensify as the season comes to an end. There has been some debate whether or not Jauron's future with the organization already been decided or could winning the final two games of the year change his fate.

"I haven't thought about it. It's not a question that I have time to really think about right now," Jauron said. "Our only goal is to get ready for Washington, to play the Redskins on Sunday, and to win that game and go on from there."

While Jauron is saying the right things in public when it comes to his future with the franchise, he has remained as strong in private.

"Dick walks around, if you watch Dick, he's a tower of strength," said defensive coordinator Greg Blache. "He's poised. He's not worried about it, why should other people be worried about it first and foremost."

In the end Jauron's loyalty to offensive coordinator John Shoop could be his undoing. If it comes down to choosing between keeping his job and firing Shoop, Jauron may decide to go down with the ship.

The fact that has blamed the blame game does say something in a day and age where players have become individuals ahead of teammates.

"Coach Jauron keeps us together," Daniels said. "He talks to us every day telling us that we have responsibilities and that we can't let down, that others are depending on us. He tells us to stay strong, not to get down on ourselves and to keep fighting, and we do. He makes us believe that good things are going to come out of it."

However is that enough to keep Jauron in Chicago despite having just one winning campaign out of five?

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