Going down Fighting

After consecutive wins, the Bears head to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Chiefs to wrap up the 2003 season. Although Kansas City is a ten point favorite, members of the Bears squad seem to be on a mission to finish out the season on a high note, possibly saving the job of head coach Dick Jauron in the process.

Although DE Alex Brown was reluctant to talk about the coach's currently shaky status, he did say that Dick Jauron had the team's respect.

"This whole thing is mentioned by the media much more often than it comes up in the locker room," Brown said. "That doesn't mean that we are unaware of Jauron's situation or that we don't care about the outcome. Rather, it's something that we really don't have any control over. What happens, happens but I think that we'd all be pleased to see him back with us next year."

For TE Desmond Clark, the primary focus is on the game.

"Yes, I have heard that the Chiefs are favored. I've also heard that they have nothing to play for. The last statement is definitely untrue as Kansas City is after home field advantage. As far as the Chiefs being favored, I think that they might be surprised by what we bring to the table on Sunday."

There are two schools of thought as far as Kansas City is concerned right now. After being pounded by the Vikings last weekend, the team could be out for revenge and put their top guns on the field against the Bears. Others think that since the Chiefs have nothing to prove until the playoffs, they will hold their starters and put in lesser players against Chicago. Either way, Clark feels that the game is winnable.

"I think that since this is at their house, the Chiefs will do anything they can to win the game," Clark said. "To assume they would just lie down for us is ridiculous. I also think that we can stop them. Yes, their offense is formidable. Their defense can be tough as well. But they have shown vulnerability recently. Kansas City can be beaten. If they decide to play second stringers, then fine. I think that we'll come out on top either way."

For WR Bobby Wade, the upcoming game gives the rookies yet another chance to show the coaches what they can do. A win could provide positive momentum for next year.

"I think that no matter what the level you're playing, whether it's college or the pros, you always want to end your season with a win," Wade said. "It's a lot better to spend the off season reliving good moments than beating yourself up over something you didn't do well enough during a loss."

Wade has seen significant playing time during his first year in the pros. He says that he has enjoyed the experience and feels that the game day situation has accelerated his learning curve.

"There were an unusual number of rookies in the lineup this year," Wade said. "It's been great for all of us. We've gained a feel for the game beyond what is expected for a new player. We know each other well and we communicate on the field. This has been a positive experience and one that I think will impact the team in a favorable way next year."

In the off season Wade plans to keep up with his regular work out routine and return ready for play in the spring. The WR is definitely looking forward to working with new QB Rex Grossman.

"Rex brings an energy and an enthusiasm to the team," Wade said. "It's a very positive thing. I think that the offense has been revitalized. As a unit, there's no limit to what we could accomplish."

Like Alex Brown, Wade refused to be drawn into a theoretical discussion about Dick Jauron's future.

"I think he is an excellent leader," Wade said. "All of us have learned a lot here this season. If things change, then we'll adjust, but it always is easier when you keep the system that is already in place. Clearly, this isn't my decision. I'm waiting and watching just like everybody else."

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