Bears Play Complete Game

The Bears played a complete game against the Bengals. Not only did the defense get a shutout, but also Anthony Thomas ran the ball all over the field.

I think it's obvious that this guy has the talent to be an every down back. Now it's just a question of Dick Jauron putting him in there. He averaged over eight yards per carry, which is phenomenal.

Jim Miller was effective in distributing the ball. Fred Baxter, David Terrell, Marty Booker, Marcus Robinson and Dez White all had catches. Although, the injury to Robinson will hurt, the team has depth at the receiver position.

There are not too many areas the Bears can afford an injury, but wideouts is probably one of them. The severity of the injury is still unknown. Jauron alluded to it possibly ending his season, which would be a shame for the kid.

Robinson's been coming on of late. He already had five receptions in less than a half against the Bengals.

Greg Blache continues to prepare his unit from week to week. The defense stuffed Corey Dillon all day. A big part of that was Ted Washington and Keith Traylor clogging up the middle for the rest of the players to pursue. The few times Dillon did get into the open field Brian Urlacher dragged him down. It's scary to think that a middle linebacker could be faster than one of the top running backs in the league.

R.W. McQuarters had an interception down the Bears goal line, which totally swung the momentum to Chicago. He returned it to midfield and then Thomas had the 46-yard run two plays later.

The defense is really starting to hit people. There were a few instances where receivers dropped the ball because a Bear was closing in for a big hit. Tony Parrish and Mike Brown are making opposing receivers pay for any route over the middle. This kind of stuff doesn't show up in the stat sheet, but it pays off. Opponents watching film on Chicago will definitely notice their physical play, which might cause a player to think twice when reaching for a ball over their head. Ask Peter Warrick about that.

The Bears are in first place and going back home. Everything looks great, but there will be a snake waiting for them come Sunday in the 49ers. San Francisco put a whipping on Chicago last season and could do it again, if the Bears aren't careful. The 49ers had a bye this week, so they will have two weeks to prepare for the Bears. San Francisco's balanced offense will present the defense with their toughest test thus far, which means the Bears can't stack the line to stop the run like they did against Cincinnati. At the same time Jeff Garcia is one of the better quarterbacks in the league, so any of his passes toward Terrell Owens could spell trouble.

I don't want to come off like the Bears don't have a shot of beating the 49ers, but the coaching staff must prepare the players mentally. Penalties kill drives and Blake Brockermeyer was called for a personal foul that took three points off the board. It was a questionable call that didn't effect the outcome. However, the fact remains the Bears will have to play more disciplined against the high-powered 49ers.

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