Time To Face Facts

There are times in many games that require aggressive play-calling, argues BearReport.com's Jason Klabacha. In the wake of the Bear's season-ending 31-3 defeat, Jason makes his case that changes are needed in the Bears offensive staff, and needed now...

In one drive John Shoop proved why he should not be an offensive coordinator in the NFL.

Trailing by two touchdowns the Bears took over with three timeouts and 1:19 left in the half. Following an incomplete pass by Kordell Stewart, Rabih Abdullah got his 17th carry of the season that resulted in a one-yard gain.

This call comes when the Bears are 7-8 and have nothing to lose. Whether Shoop is trying to run out the clock or fool the Chiefs defense with an Abdullah run, it's a horrendous call.

On the other side of the spectrum, Kansas City took a timeout figuring they have the best return man in the game, in Dante Hall, and the Bears couldn't convert a 3rd and 9. However Marty Booker took a big hit over the middle to snag a 17-yard pass from Stewart. The Bears took their first timeout with 54 seconds left.

Coming out of the stoppage in action Stewart went back to Booker, this time for 26 yards. Chicago's second timeout left them 38 seconds on the clock from the Chiefs' 32. A dump off pass to Abdullah picked up 17 yards and Stewart got the offense back to the line and killed the clock with 19 seconds left.

With a timeout to spare the Bears looked in position to at least get a field goal if not a touchdown. However Abdullah's third touch of the series, an 8-yard run, forced Chicago to take their final timeout with 12 ticks left.

Inside the red zone there's no reason not to throw the ball in the end zone. You've already ensured Paul Edinger a chip shot field goal attempt. You're extra timeout allows you to take a chance of being sacked trying to make a play.

But instead Stewart dumps the ball off to Bobby Wade, who failed to get out of bounds and the Bears fail to get any points out of drive.

During a halftime interview Coach Dick Jauron said there wasn't miscommunication on the final plays of the drive, but instead pointed the finger at Wade for catching a ball he thought Stewart was throwing away and then not getting out of bounds.

This can summarize the Jauron era and his loyalty to John Shoop should cost him his job. There's still some debate whether or not Jauron will be brought back, but if he's lucky enough to keep his remain employed by the Bears, Shoop must be fired.

One game shouldn't influence a decision on the coaching staff either way, but it does put it in the proper perspective.

This is an aggressive game and Shoop's philosophy is the complete opposite.

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