Bears-Chiefs: Additional Post-Game Notes

R.W. McQuarters is likely to get slapped with a fine

R.W. McQuarters has been a huge disappointment since inking a five-year $21 million contract, but the cornerback showed his true colors against Kansas City.

R.W. McQuarters drew a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct when he did something officials found distasteful following pass interference calls on consecutive fourth-quarter plays against the Bears.

"I had something wrong with my glove," McQuarters said. "I had to fix my glove."

Actually, it looked a lot like McQuarters was counting money, as if to indicate the officials were on the take.

"The (official) said it was like I was counting money," McQuarters said.

The Bears' secondary early this season drew a slew of pass interference penalties but had escaped them most of the second half of the season.

"You know how they try to get to us," McQuarters said of officials. "They're the ones who pretty much control the game. Someone says something to them and they feel like (throwing a flag). What can you do about it?"

McQuarters likely will draw some sort of fine for the gesture.

HINDSIGHT BLINDSIGHT: Bears wide receiver David Terrell got the start Sunday with injured free agent wideout Dez White out for the year and probably through with his career in Chicago.

Terrell finally got an opportunity for the big play he craves and made a 35-yard grab over the middle of a Chris Chandler pass in the fourth quarter. However, he appeared to have the angle for a 52-yard touchdown play merely by running straight up field. Instead, he cut back into the tackle at the Chiefs' 17. The Bears failed to score.

"I didn't see it. I didn't see it," Terrell said when asked if he saw the wide-open real estate ahead.

MORAL VICTORY: Although Priest Holmes got his two rushing touchdowns to set two NFL records for single season TD totals with 27, the Bears' defense silenced him most of the day.

Holmes averaged only 2.5 yards a carry with a long of 8 yards and had 50 yards on 20 tries. The Bears limited the Chiefs to 2.6 yards a carry. Holmes, Kansas City's leading receiver, was held to two catches for 6 yards.

"We knew coming in we would try to minimize the back because he's the lead receiver, also the leading rusher," Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache said. "We were going to make them beat us throwing to the wideouts, take away the screens and we gave up some plays (to wide receivers)."

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