Brutally Honest

As David Terrell left Halas Hall Monday the brash receiver said what has been on the minds of Bear fans since John Shoop took over as the team's offensive coordinator.

While David Terrell has failed to produce like a first-round pick he's always talked a good game. Whether or not John Shoop has played less talented players over Terrell is a fair question and Terrell addressed the situation Monday.

"I was not his favorite anyway, but that's neither here nor there," Terrell said. "We're going to have some new coaches coming in and hopefully now I can get out. I can hopefully come out and truly win a job."

While Terrell had a career-high 43 receptions this year, he averaged just 8.4 yards per reception and that number only jumped with the insertion of Rex Grossman in the starting line-up.

"You want to talk about the truth let's speak the truth. You want to talk about me having 6.5 yards per catch look at why I was having 6.5 (yards) per catch," Terrell said. "Look at the routes I was running. Tell me why I was in the slot. Tell me who put me in the slot. Tell me how I was being used. Tell me how other players were being used. Look at my three years I've been here."

In three seasons in Chicago Terrell has 86 catches that's hardly a crowing achievement for a player that was taken 8th overall in the 2001 draft.

When asked point blank if Shoop was the problem with the lack of offensive production Terrell said, "I'm saying that was what the problem was. Maybe cause he was inexperienced, but I know certain times during the game we would have plays called and not really (know why they were being run). And we didn't have a lot of opportunities to make stuff happen with what he gave us."

Terrell has never been afraid to speak his mind, but would not point the finger at Dick Jauron.

"I mean there's a lot that goes on and when you all talk about Dick I can't sit here and let you all talk bad about Dick because it really wasn't Dick and that's the truth," Terrell said.

Granted Terrell's act is getting old, but if he weren't talented the Bears would have already discarded him because of his mouth.

As a rookie Terrell caught 34 balls and had four touchdowns. Not huge numbers, but he flashed the ability to be a special player target.

Just when Terrell seemed to be taking the next step, his second season was cut short by injury. He played in just five games because of a hairline fracture in his left foot, an injury that plagued him in college. The season was a wash. As he finished with nine receptions, three of which went for touchdowns.

The logical progression of a receiver seemed that Terrell would emerge in his third season. Marty Booker went from a marginal receiver to Pro Bowl caliber player in his third campaign.

However Terrell never looked comfortable. Every time he caught a ball he seemed to have his back to the defense or would fall or an invisible tackler.

"I can go out and play my game and not be stressing about making every play, a big play, and when every play is not a big play," Terrell said about his plan for next year. "When I can get a little catch and make that a first down and be comfortable because I'm in the game and I'm starting and I don't have to catch a seem and be worry about getting into the end zone because that was my only catch during the whole game."

The fact is he's never been given a chance because the coaching staff, especially Shoop, who has been enamored with Dez White for whatever reason.

White is an unrestricted free agent and will not be re-signed, which leaves Terrell as the odds on favorite to start opposite Marty Booker. If for whatever reason Terrell proves he's never going to be the playmaker that he was at Michigan than Justin Gage appears ready for an expanded role.

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