Bears don't pass final exam

The Bears saved their worst performance for last. The Chiefs dominated them from beginning to end in a 31-3 defeat to bring their season to an end at 7-9.

PASSING OFFENSE: D-minus -- Rookie Rex Grossman left midway through the second quarter with a torn tendon in his right middle finger. He wasn't playing very well up to that point, but veterans Kordell Stewart and Chris Chandler were worse. WR David Terrell was wide open when he caught a 35-yard pass but turned and ran directly into a defender, costing the Bears a touchdown. Bobby Wade failed to get out of bounds inside the 10 at the end of the first half, and the Bears didn't even get to try a field goal as time expired.

RUSHING OFFENSE: C -- Anthony Thomas ran well in spurts, picking up 61 yards on 16 carries, but the offense wasn't on the field long enough to let him get more attempts.

PASS DEFENSE: C-minus -- They allowed just one pass play of more than 20 yards, but there was almost no pressure applied to Trent Green or Todd Collins, who had plenty of time to survey the field and find the open receiver, as they completed an efficient 22 of 30 passes for 203 yards.

RUSH DEFENSE: B -- Priest Holmes got his two touchdowns, but he really didn't hurt the Bears, picking up 50 yards on 20 carries with nothing longer than eight yards. The Chiefs had 87 rushing yards but needed 34c attempts to get there.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C -- Jerry Azumah was brilliant on kickoff returns, and the coverage units corralled Dante Hall on punts but allowed him 70 yards on two kickoff returns.

COACHING: C-minus -- Anthony Thomas ran the ball better than Priest Holmes, but the Bears gave him just six carries in the first half and they ran it just 10 times before intermission.

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