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Upon his exit from Halas Hall Dick Jauron said his coaching days weren't behind him, but will he lead another next season?

Speculation is that Dick Jauron will resurface in the NFL soon, if not as a head coach then at least as a defensive coordinator.

"In no way do I feel like this is the end of my coaching career," Jauron said. "So I hope to back in this city at some time working for somebody else. That's my goal and my ambition."

G.M. Jerry Angelo is hopeful that most of the assistant coaches, all of whom remain under contract, will interview with the new head coach.

"If that works out, it would be great," Angelo said. "I also told our coaches that I understand, as one of our coaches brought up to me, it's a business of musical chairs. And they want to make sure that when the music stops playing that they have a spot to sit, and I understand that, too. I told them I'd take it on a case-by-case basis. But I would like the new head coach to come in, look at our staff, evaluate it and make his own decisions."

Quarterbacks coach Greg Olson seems the most logical assistant to remain considering the outstanding job he did of preparing Rex Grossman to play and perform well as a rookie.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "You sit there and say, 'Wow, I wish I had the ability to have that much charisma, that much poise, that much class,' particularly at a tough time in your life. I know it had to be hard for him to stand up in front of that football team and the players that he cares so much about and be able to present it as well as he did. It was one of those moments that I don't know if I'll ever forget." -- Bears defensive coordinator Greg Blache talking about fired head coach Dick Jauron's farewell to his players.

FREE-AGENT UPDATE: OG Chris Villarrial (Solid, steady eight-year vet, but the Bears probably won't pay what he's worth because of an abundance of young players with potential).

--WR Dez White (Inconsistent player who has a lot of tools but has never shown the ability to use them).

--CB Todd McMillon (Mediocre-to-solid nickel and dime back and a standout on special teams).

--FB Stanley Pritchett (Journeyman who can catch a little but isn't a great blocker).

--DT Keith Traylor (Still an effective run-down player, but he'll be 35 before next season starts).

FEELING A DRAFT: The Bears draft 14th and they should be looking for an offensive left tackle, which they have lacked for several years. That would be the first step in solidifying a unit that has been in makeshift mode more often than not the past couple years. A defensive tackle might be another consideration because none of the ones they have are dominant players by any means.

MEDICAL WATCH: QB Rex Grossman may be able to avoid surgery on the torn tendon on his right middle finger.

--FB Stanley Pritchett may need an arthroscopic procedure on his right knee.

--OT Mike Gandy may need a scope on his injured right shoulder.

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