Hurry up and wait

After this weekend the Bears should know one way or the other if Nick Saban is headed to Chicago or if Jerry Angelo will have to go to plan B.

While no formal meeting has taken place between Jerry Angelo and Nick Saban there is no doubt the LSU coach is at the top of the Bears wish list. The relationship between the two longtime friends seemed to give the Bears the inside track for Saban to leave the college game for the NFL.

"Jerry Angelo and I are very good friends," Saban said. "He visits me in Baton Rouge on occasion. ... I'm going to take this weekend and kind of weigh some options.''

The New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons were also considered interested in Saban, but did not want to wait through the process and have subsequently hired Tom Coughlin and Jim Mora Jr. respectively. For Saban it's now come down to the Bears or staying at LSU.

Betting odds are Saban is still more likely to stay then go, but Angelo is willing to risk the wait because he's only lost Mora Jr. off his candidates of the four coaches that have been hired.

If Saban spurns the Bears then Chicago would almost have to start the search over or hire one of two men that they've interviewed. Defensive coordinators Lovie Smith and the Patriots Romeo Crennel are the only two candidates that have interviewed with the team and are still available.

Greg Blache is being considered for defensive coordinator openings with the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers, but the clubs were told he's being considered for the Bears head-coaching vacancy. His chances of actually being hired are slim, but when the Steelers and Vikings asked for permission to talk with Blache they were told that he might be available on Monday. Meaning the Bears should know Saban's decision by then and would be willing to let Blache go.

While attending an award ceremony in Arizona, on Thursday, Saban addressed the situation.

"The decision is, would we do that, would we ever talk to any of them because of our loyalty to people at LSU,'' Saban said.

Saban had the chance to end any speculation of leaving the university, but chose to be vague. Therefore he's either ready to come to Chicago or is using his relationship with Angelo to get some more cash from LSU.

The scenarios will play out this weekend.

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