Roster analysis

The Bears' roster is bloated with offensive linemen who can play guard and/or right tackle but devoid of true, NFL-caliber left tackles.

Mike Gandy, a lifetime guard, going all the way back to high school, has spent most of the past two seasons at left tackle, a position which he was noticeably deficient during the past season.

Marc Colombo, who suffered a dislocated left kneecap on Nov. 18, 2002, and hasn't played since, is better suited to right tackle. He started five games on the left side as a rookie before his injury, but considering the lengthy rehab and the absence of any assurances that he'll come back at 100 percent, he would be a huge gamble as the blind-side protector for presumed-franchise quarterback Rex Grossman.

Steve Edwards started all season at left guard, but he was always a right tackle before injuries to other players forced him to switch.

Terrence Metcalf played left tackle for two of his four years as a starter at Mississippi, but he is no more an NFL left tackle than Gandy.

Massive Aaron Gibson started all season at right tackle as a stopgap solution, and he could also move inside, but forget about Gibson handling speed rushers at left tackle.

All that being said, the Bears need a major upgrade at left tackle through free agency, trade or the draft.

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