Blache left hanging

Greg Blache has never been afraid to speak his mind and in not so many words criticized Jerry Angelo for his decision to fire Dick Jauron at the end of the season, so is there any chance he'll be back next year?

Greg Blache is still under contract with the Chicago Bears and there have been multiple teams that have inquired on his availability. However Jerry Angelo has decided to retain Blache at least until he gets a new head coach in place.

On his weekly show on WMVP in Chicago Blache addressed his future with the franchise.

"There's an upside and downside to having a contract that's sort of guaranteed. The plus side unlike players contracts if you are released the contract is still enforced and they still pay you, but the downside is that you're under contract they don't have to give an opportunity to talk to anybody until they're certain that they want to."

While Blache would not address if he will be given an interview for the head-coaching opening, the chances look dim considering he hasn't even interview with Angelo when they still work in the same building.

Despite having a higher ranked defense than Rams defensive coordinator Lovie Smith, a finalist for the Bears job, Blache is not blaming Angelo for not considering him more seriously.

"I'm in the position that I'm in, as a coordinator, I've got to make decisions that everybody is not always going to agree with or understand," Blache said. "I know how to put myself in other peoples shoes and take a look at it and it's not always just about me."

One of the reasons the Minnesota Vikings were not granted permission to interview Blache for their defensive coordinator opening was that he would be considered for the Bears head-coaching vacancy. But it seems more that Angelo didn't want Blache going to a division rival.

"I understand them trying to protect their organization and protect the club," Blache said. "To let me go and be somewhere in the division before everything is said and done and settled – no I understand it. There's no anger or disappointment."

At this point Blache expects to know his future with the organization within the coming week. When Angelo started the search for a new coach that he would like his current assistants to interview with the new regime. However Blache wouldn't say he definitely wants a chance to be on the new staff. For a man that is stuck in limbo to some degree he doesn't seem worried about his future in football and spent the past weekend hunting in Texas with friends.

"Right now I'm just going to sit this out and ride the storm and when the dust clears and settles just see what's happening," Blache said.

Dick Jauron is a candidate for the Buffalo Bills opening and while there is a chance that he could ask Blache to join him as defensive coordinator.

"I don't even know if Dick would offer me a position," Blache said. "You never know. You can't assume anything in this business. I don't feel like anybody owes me anything, but I know for a fact that there's work to be had in this league."

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