Wait and see approach

Lovie Smith could be a good fit for the team. He's smart. He's personable. He should relate well to the players. The concern is that his hiring still doesn't address the problem that has been plaguing the franchise for years, a lack of offense.

So what can he do to solve this conundrum? Get a good offensive coordinator as soon as possible, then hire a top quarterback coach. Ideally, both of these men will be coming to the Bears with NFL experience.

The Rams have locked up many of their coaching assistants to prevent them from making the move here along with Lovie Smith. Time to look elsewhere and please, Lovie, find your people soon.

Kansas City's quarterback coach Terry Shea has been rumored to be a top contender for the offensive job. His plus of course is his 34 years as a coach and his time spent with coaching legend Bill Walsh at Stanford. But Shea has only been in the NFL for 3 years. Is that enough to provide the experience and the spark that the Bears need right now? We might know the answer to this one pretty soon.

And if Shea does come aboard, will the Bears still go after a quarterback coach? I'd certainly hope so. The future of this franchise lies with Rex Grossman. The Bears must have a coach who can work closely with the young player to develop him to his full potential.

I've always envisioned Steve DeBerg for that position. Few can coach quarterbacks better than he can, and he has extensive experience already working with Grossman offseason. Would he be interested? Nobody knows right now, but it could be worth exploring.

In the past 52 years, the Bears have had 40 different quarterbacks, but only 3 quarterback coaches, which makes no sense. Now is as good a time as any to strengthen this position and bring in the best possible candidate for the job.

One of the few times that I agreed with Tribune columnist Rick Morrissey is when he viewed Smith's hiring as a ‘yawn'. Why? Because although Smith is bright and has talent, his hiring by the Bears organization doesn't address any of the issues that have plagued this team in recent years.

Why not? Smith is a defensive coordinator. We need someone with hands on offensive experience. That's the first question I'd be asking Jerry Angelo if I had the chance. My second question would be how soon will you hire a quarterback coach? Angelo's response would be enlightening.

At least Smith is familiar with a good offense from his time with the Rams. He has seen good quarterbacks, a fine head coach, and a productive scheme. Can Smith brings this knowledge to the Bears? Let's hope so. The clock is ticking.

Finally, it all comes down to Angelo. This has to be a situation where the McCaskeys and Ted Phillips are licking their chops. A choice for head coach has been made. Angelo led the hunt and now the results will be squarely on his shoulders. If this turns out well then Angelo is the hero. If it goes sour, he's the goat. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Mike Pyle played center for the Bears from 1961-69 and has followed the team since retiring.

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