Thomas and Terrell Are Dynamite

Coming up with a nickname for the two rookies from Michigan has become a hobby of the media. After David Terrell and Anthony Thomas had explosive games for a second straight week the duo is being dubbed TNT.

David Terrell only had three receptions for 23 yards, but two of those receptions were touchdowns and came in the final minutes of the Bears overtime victory against the 49ers. However, the rookie didn't start the game strong dropping a pass early.

"It's how you recover from it, how you rebuild from it," Terrell said. "Playing at Michigan, there was a lot of pressure on your back, a lot of balls came my way, and I made it happen. And coming here, playing with the Bears is the same thing. You have got a lot of guys counting on me. With Marcus down, that puts more added pressure on us. Right now I just want come out and make it happen."

Anthony Thomas now has 439 yards rushing on the season after his 127-yard performance. His 19-yard TD run was his third of the season and the Bears fourth of the year. Chicago only had three rushing scores all last season.

"(John) Shoop has got a little confidence in me now," Thomas said about getting the call on the two-point conversion to tie the game and send it to overtime. "He knows I come out to play games, we're out to win games. He knows I would have done anything I could to get myself into the end zone to get those two points to win this game.

"They really trust me right now. They wouldn't put the ball in my hands in the last minute if they didn't. So we're coming into a different relationship, me and the coaches and everything."

Thomas said that the finish to the Bears 37-31 win in overtime was the wildest ending to a game he's been a part of. That's high praise from a player, who took part in the Michigan and Northwestern game last year.

12th Man:
The Bears have won five games in a row for the first time since 1991. Dick Jauron said the crowd is affecting opponents.

"The last three times we've played here is the loudest that it's been since I've been here," Jauron said. "When I came here, I came here three hours before the game, maybe it was just me, but the atmosphere was just unbelievable."

In the spotlight:
The Bears and Browns game has been moved from a noon (Central Time) kickoff to a 3:15 p.m. start. The change was made to allow the game to be the second part of the national double header on CBS. The Bears game at Tampa Bay November 18, was also moved from noon to 3:15 p.m. to allow for a national audience.

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