Positional Analysis: Quarterback

The Bears believe they finally have their quarterback of the future and more importantly the present. Rex Grossman will be given the bulk of the reps from day one of spring camp.

QUARTERBACK: Starter -- Rex Grossman. Backups -- Kordell Stewart, Chris Chandler.

Grossman played better as a rookie than either of the two veterans, and he is expected to enter training camp as the starter. Grossman made tremendous strides as a rookie under quarterbacks coach Greg Olson, but Olson left for Detroit, and now Grossman will be playing in a different system, with a different coordinator for the fourth straight season. He says he's used to change by now, and if he works as hard this year as he did last year, that shouldn't be a huge problem, but while he admits that in some ways he'll be a rookie all over again there is renewed hope.

"Last year I was just anxious and nervous for about six months straight not knowing where I was going to be," Grossman said. "Now I know what's out in front of me and I've just got to make myself better and learn the offense and there's no uncertainty. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

It remains to be seen if either Stewart or Chandler will be back, although someone has to back up Grossman.

It wouldn't be a shock if Chandler became the quarterbacks coach, especially since he and Grossman had a good relationship.

Stewart, who also worked well with Grossman, still considers himself a starter, but it's doubtful anyone else in the league shares that opinion after his performance last season.

There has been some talk of trying to trade Stewart for a low round draft pick. However with the release of Jeff Blake the chances of getting a team to surrender a pick for Stewart seems unlikely.

If the Bears go into the season with Grossman as the starter and Chandler as the backup it would make sense that Jerry Angelo would bring in someone that has experience in the new scheme. An on the field reference point beside new offensive coordinator Terry Shea could prove beneficial.

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