There Is No Quit In This Team

It's clear the Bears never give up no matter the circumstances. When the Browns were up late in the fourth quarter everyone had given up on Chicago except the team. The broadcasters were talking about Cleveland facing Pittsburgh in the battle of 5-2 teams. The Browns players and coaching staff seemed to be laughing it up on the sideline, but the fact is Cleveland never finished the job and it cost them the game.

Even when things looked dismal I still believed the Bears are a better team than the Browns, but you can't give up five turnovers. They made a ton of mistakes.

The way the Bears won the game was amazing. I don't think you could come up with a scenario in which Chicago could win the game if you tried.

There were a lot of heroes at the end of the game from: Dez White catching the ball keeping the drive alive, Shane Matthews throwing it up to David Terrell and James Allen catching it, Paul Edinger's on-side kick and then maybe most important of them all Brad Maynard punting the ball inside the 10 yard line. To me that was the game right there.

Of course Bryan Robinson tipped the ball and Mike Brown does what he always does, which is score. However, without Maynard's great punt Cleveland would have had decent field position, thus the offense would have had more options.

This win was more dramatic than last week. The last rights were given to them. Matthews had to make two drives in less than 2 minutes, which is a lot to ask of an offense that had scored seven points all day.

Cleveland may say the Bears got lucky, but that isn't necessarily true. Mike Green should have had a pick early in the game, but it went through his hands and Brown could have picked off the ball that went for the long touchdown by Kevin Johnson.

The Bears kick and punt return coverage was bad, so all along there were little things going against the Bears.

The biggest difference in this game was the fact that the defense didn't force any turnovers. The unit saved that for the end, but prior to that they didn't get turnovers which forces Chicago's offense to drive the length of the field.

Our offense line didn't play well. Matthews got beat up all day including getting sacked five times. Courtney Brown was all over the place. Shane didn't look good at all for the majority of the game. He had 8 tipped balls, but fittingly the game ends on a tipped ball going the other way.

The Bears running game looked good. Thomas is becoming a complete player with running and catching the ball, but coming into the game everybody knew Cleveland's defense beats you with interceptions.

Shane couldn't do anything until he got into the two-minute drill. He runs it about as good as anyone, but this team can only pull out so many comebacks. I wish they would start executing sooner.

Whether Cleveland fell asleep at the end of the game doesn't matter. You have to play 60 minutes. Lets face it the first three possessions the Bears offense had a fumble and 2 interceptions, so Cleveland had every opportunity to put the Bears away and didn't.

This game was a trap with Green Bay next week and the national broadcast. That's why you have to hand it to the defense, because with all the turnovers the group kept them in the game.

The game is up for grabs. Ahman Green is the key to stopping Green Bay's offense. Everybody will say it's Brett Favre, but it will be the running game. Favre will make some great plays and some mistakes. Their defense is pretty stout. It's going to be a tough one. This will be the toughest team besides San Francisco, but I think the Packers have a better defense.

The Bears won't be able to play sloppy again. Turnovers and sacks will get you beat against a team as good as Green Bay.

Whoever starts for the Bears at quarterback will have to minimize mistakes. Everyone has to be cautious of stupid penalties. In order to beat the Packers the Bears will have to continue to make big plays.

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