Sunday Trivia

With the Bears waiting to find out whether or not the Chiefs will match their offer on John Tait, why not test your knowledge of the team's draft history.

1. Which Chicago Bear drafted with the 13th pick in the first round of the 1996 draft now starts for the Indianapolis Colts?

A) Curtis Enis
B) Walt Harris
C) Tony Parrish
D) Jim Flanigan

2. Which draft pick for Bears in 2002 spent the entire 2003 season on injured reserve?

A) Terrence Metcalf
B) Bobby Gray
C) Marco Columbo
D) Joe Odom

3. In what year and in what round of the draft was wide receiver Dez White drafted in?

A) 2001/2nd round
B) 2001/3rd round
C) 2000/2nd round
D) 2000/3rd round

4. In which year and in what round was former Quarterback Jim McMahon taken in?

A. 1988/1st round
B. 1984/2nd round
C. 1982/1st round
D. 1983/3rd round

5. Which player, chosen in the 3rd round of the 1983 draft went on to won a Super Bowl ring with both the Bears and the New York Giants?

A. Dave Duerson
B. Vestee Jackson
C. Willie Gault
D. Mike Richardson


1. Walt Harris has played for the Indianapolis Colts since he left the Bears in 2002. Harris was drafted by the Bears right out of Mississippi State.

2. C) Marco Colombo spent the entire 2003 season on injured reserve. He suffered from a dislocated knee last year and may not be back with the Bears next season.

3. D) 2000/3rd round. White came out of Georgia Tech that year.

4. C) 1982/1st round. The Bears made McMahon their first round pick that year and in 1985, he helped to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl victory in 1985.

5. A) Dave Duerson. Duerson participated in the 1985 Super Bowl with the Bears and the New York Giants in 1991.

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