Final Countdown

The Bears will know if their offensive line will be a much-improved unit by tomorrow evening. The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to take the full allotment of time to decide whether or not to match the Bears offer for John Tait.

It appears unlikely the Chiefs will match a 6-year $34 million deal for Tait mostly because of the salary cap figure of $11.5 this season.

"It would be very hard to justify,'' Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil told the Kansas City Star. "If they determine he's of that value in Chicago, then I'm happy for him. The person that determines the value of the player is the team that writes the contract. It just takes one team. It doesn't take every team to agree on it."

Kansas City has looking at other options at right tackle including visiting with Barry Stokes and Chris Bober. However the fact that CB Troy Vincent left Kansas City Wednesday without a contract offer could mean the Chiefs are still debating the Tait situation.

Chicago is still talking with Ephraim Salaam, who like Tait has played both left and right tackle. The Bears can't afford to pay Salaam starting left tackle money if Tait ends up in Chicago. Baltimore and Seattle are reportedly the two other teams courting Salaam.

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