Tuesday Trivia

The newest Bear went to the same university as Jim McMahon and Glen Kozlowski. Can you name the player and school? Test your knowledge and see if you deserve a Bear Facts PhD.

Each of the following questions contains three Bears. Your challenge is to find their school in the fewest possible choices. An answer on the first guess nets you four points, an answer on the second guess gets you two points and an answer on the third guess earns you one point.

The last question – the final exam – is worth 20 points.
A perfect score is 100 and garners you a Bear Facts PhD!
Good luck!

No. 1
Mike Adamle
Bob Christian
D'Wayne Bates

No. 2
Brian Cabral
Jay Leeuwenburg
Rashan Salaam

No. 3
Brian Baschnagel
Mike Tomczak
Alonzo Spellman

No. 4
Thomas Sanders
John Roper
Warrick Holdman

No. 5
Dave Wannstedt
Jimbo Covert
Mike Ditka

No. 6
Dick Gordon
George Halas
Dick Butkus

No. 7
John Tait
Glen Kozlowski
Jim McMahon

No. 8
Vince Evans
Keith Van Horne
Curtis Conway

No. 9
Chris Gardocki
Steve Fuller
William Perry

No. 10
Bob Thomas
Chris Zorich
Dave Duerson

No. 11
Mike Pyle
Dick Jauron
Gary Fencik

No. 12
Rick Casares
Neal Anderson
Shane Matthews

No. 13
Jim Dooley
Carlos Huerta
Steve Walsh

No. 14
Ken Margerum
Glyn Milburn
Brad Muster

No. 15
Vestee Jackson
Jeff Jaeger
Tony Parrish

No. 16
Tom Andrews
Otis Wilson
Doug Buffone

No. 17
Bob Parsons
Bobby Engram
Curtis Enis

No. 18
Bennie McRae
Jim Harbaugh
Anthony Thomas

No. 19
Brad Shearer
Stan Thomas
Steve McMichael

No. 20
Ronnie Bull
Al Fontenot
Mike Singletary

What school did Abe Gibron, John Skibinski and Jim Schwantz attend?

1. Northwestern
2. Colorado
3. Ohio State
4. Texas A & M
5. Pittsburgh
6. Illinois
7. BYU
8. USC
9. Clemson
10. Notre Dame
11. Yale
12. Florida
13. Miami (Florida)
14. Stanford
15. Washington
16. Louisville
17. Penn State
18. Michigan
19. Texas
20. Baylor


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