View from a fan

Jerry Angelo has made some nice moves this off-season, but it seems that the Bears could have drawn a bigger name to Chicago.

After cutting Phillip Daniels, Warrick Holdman and Kordell Stewart the Bears had more than $17 million heading into free agency.

Signing Jevon Kearse would have been a great way to kickoff the first day of free agency. Adding Thomas Jones seems like an upgrade from Anthony thomas, but Kearse would have brought the pass rush the Bears "D" has been lacking.

Angelo tied up the bulk of the cap room on a right tackle that has never been to the Pro Bowl. John Tait will help the offensive line, however, my question is who will protect Rex Grossman's blindside. Qasim Mitchell is not the answer at this point.

Ephriam Salaam could be a short-term answer, while Mitchell develops or Marc Colombo recovers.

Despite the fact that Warren Sapp is still available, the Bears don't look interested and that's frustrating. While Sapp might be a problem child, he's definitely an upgrade over Bryan Robinson and Alfonso Boone.

It's bad enough the Eagles signed Kearse, but trading for Terrell Owens is the kicker. They've added arguably the best receiver and pass rusher in one off-season.

Lovie Smith has a plan that will be successful as he adds players to fit the system he wants to run.

Tait and Jones are good additions, but the Bears needed to sign an impact player. Considering the amount of money they had heading into free agency they could have added two.

Don't get me wrong I'm optimistic about the future, but just imagine how fans in Philly feel.

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