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They were the most storied team in Chicago Bears' history. The 1985 Bears took the National Football League, the country and, ultimately, the world by storm en route to winning the franchise's only Super Bowl. <P> How much do you remember about the 1985 Bears? Here are 11 questions plus a stumper on that memorable club:

1. Who led the 1985 Bears with 49 receptions?
A. Walter Payton
B. Emery Moorehead
C. Dennis McKinnon
D. Matt Suhey

2. Todd Bell was one of two holdouts who missed the entire 1985 season for the Bears. Who was the other?
A. Mike Richardson
B. Al Harris
C. Steve McMichael
D. Mike Hartenstine

3. Who returned a kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown, the longest by a Bear in 18 years, in Chicago's 45-10 win over the Washington Redskins Sept. 29, 1985?
A. Willie Gault
B. Dennis Gentry
C. Thomas Sanders
D. Dennis McKinnon

4. Who was the Bears punter in 1985?
A. Dave Finzer
B. Bryan Wagner
C. Bob Parsons
D. Maury Buford

5. Who was the Bears' first round pick in 1985?
A. Wilber Marshall
B. William Perry
C. Kevin Butler
D. Neal Anderson

6. Name the Bears 11th round pick in 1985 who went on to play nine seasons with the team.
A. Jim Morrissey
B. Thomas Sanders
C. Tim Wrightman
D. Shaun Gayle

7. Who led the 1985 Bears with six interceptions in what turned out to be the final season of his career?
A. Len Walterscheid
B. Reggie Phillips
C. Leslie Frazier
D. Todd Bell

8. Which of the following did NOT play for the 1985 Bears?
A. Brian Cabral
B. Ken Margerum
C. Brian Baschnagel
D. Ron Rivera

9. Which Bear caught touchdown passes in five consecutive games in 1985, the longest such streak in club annals in 24 years?
A. Willie Gault
B. Dennis McKinnon
C. Matt Suhey
D. Emery Moorehead

10. Who was the offensive coordinator for the 1985 Bears?
A. Mike Ditka
B. Steve Kazor
C. Ed Hughes
D. Johnny Roland

11. Who was the Bears third-string quarterback in 1985?
A. Greg Landry
B. Rusty Lisch
C. Ben Bennett
D. Mike Tomczak

In his only season with the team, who led the Bears with an average of 7.9 yards on punt returns in 1985?

1. A, Walter Payton. "Sweetness" topped the team in receptions for the sixth and final time in 1985. He also led the Bears in catches in 1978, 1980, 1981 and from 1983 to 1985.

2. B, Al Harris. Harris, a defensive end out of Arizona State, had a productive NFL career but he missed the entire 1985 season, along with Todd Bell, as a contract holdout.

3. A, Willie Gault. Willie Gault's 99-yard kickoff return seemed to wake up the Bears on that sunny Sunday afternoon on Chicago's lakefront. The Bears used Gault's dash as a springboard to an easy victory and a 4-0 start.

4. D, Maury Buford. Buford averaged 42.2 yards on 68 punts for the 1985 Bears. Buford also led the Bears in punting in 1986 and from 1989 to 1991.

5. B, William Perry. The Bears used the 22nd overall pick in the 1985 draft on "The Fridge" in touching off one of the most colorful careers in Chicago sports history.

6. A, Jim Morrissey. The Bears may have gotten more out of Morrissey than any other 11th round pick in the club history.

7. C, Leslie Frazier. 1985 marked the second time in his career that Frazier led the Bears in interceptions. Frazier's career ended after he suffered an injury in the Bears' win in Super Bowl XX.

8. C, Brian Baschnagel. Baschnagel was the Bears' first third round pick in the 1984 draft. He served as a wide receiver and special teams demon through the 1984 season.

9. B, Dennis McKinnon. Good ol' No. 85 snared at least one scoring aerial in each Bear victory from Sept. 8 to Oct. 5, 1985. His streak was the longest by a Bear since Mike Ditka had a five-game TD streak in 1961.

10. C, Ed Hughes. Hughes served as a lieutenant for Mike Ditka from 1982 to 1988.

11. D, Mike Tomczak. After making the team as an undrafted free agent out of Ohio State, Tomczak served as the Bears' third string QB for 1985. Who would have thought that would have been the start of 16-year career that would take T-zak to Green Bay, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh?

Ken Taylor. The Bears signed Taylor as a free agent out of Oregon State. He topped the 1985 Bears in punt return average while serving as a backup defensive back in his lone season in Chicago.

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