Q&A Session with Darryl Drake

Darryl Drake is a first year NFL assistant coach after spending 20 years as an assistant in the collegiate ranks. Drake was the associate head coach and wide receivers coach last season at Texas and spent six years on the Longhorns staff. Drake has also coached at Baylor, Georgia and Western Kentucky.

Q: Do you expect the Bears to draft a wide receiver in the first few rounds?
A: "The guys that are here, are the guys I expect to be here. It's a draft with a lot of talented wide outs. If something comes our way and they're here I will coach them."

Q: Are there any receivers you would really like to draft?
A: "Every year there is going to be guys in the draft that are there and you don't ever know how that thing is going to fall. I am not sitting here waiting for one of those guys to be here because I don't know. If somebody new comes in we'll add that one to the group."

Q: Have the new wide receivers adapted well to the new coaching staff and system?
A: "Players are resilient, they adapt better than the coaches do. They are adjusting to me, they're adjusting to my style they are adjusting to coach (Terry) Shea's style because they want to adjust. They're excited about Chicago Bears football this year and I am excited about it. Naturally that trickles down, because Lovie Smith is excited about it. We're looking forward to it and as long as they stay excited we'll be ok."

Q: Are you very interested in where Texas wide receiver Roy Williams lands?
A: "No question because I need a loan. Naturally when you've got guys that you've coached and guys that you've been a part of their lives you always look with interest. As a college coach you tell those guys that the relationship you develop with them at that particular time is a lifetime relationship. You don't ever, not have an interest in what they're doing, on and off the field."

Q: A year ago you were finishing up spring practice in Austin, what's it like being on an NFL coaching staff?
A: "It's very exciting for me, it's something I have wanted to do for quite sometime I just didn't feel like the time was right. I needed to make sure things were right for me and that the timing was right for my family. All of a sudden it was right and I am excited about being here in this organization. It's an organization I have been able to identify with all of my life. Being from Louisville, KY, watching the Otis Wilson's and the (Doug), Buffone's, you just always had an interest in the Bears. When the opportunity came it was a dream for me. I am pretty excited and happy about being here."

Q: Were you surprised to get offered a job on Coach Smith's staff?
A: "Not really and it's hard for me to explain. For me personally, you get feelings about certain things and for me that feeling was prevalent for me this year. When he got the job he called and I was ready to go. I am just extremely blessed, fortunate and excited about being here."

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